Baphomet system

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Please note that this location is used by the Allegiance Battle Group, and due to timeline complexity will reflect only information related to the ABG's storylines, as opposed to the mainstream RS storyline.

SYSTEM NAME: Baphomet system
STAR NAME: Baphomet
AGE: 5 billion years
GOVERNMENT: Rebel Squadrons/New Republic

Contained within the Greeop Nebula in the Greeop Sector, the Baphomet system is just a few light-years off of the Rimma Trade Route and contains the inhabited worlds of Bethlamore and Eden. The Baphomet system is a highly strategic holding for several regions. One, it is linked to the Greeop Sector (and thus to the Rimma Trade Route) capital by the Greeop Trail; two, it is a key port on the heavily travelled regional hyperlane, the Nitram Lutha Boulevard; three, it is one of the few key bacta and kolcta producers outside of Thyferra.


Lying within the border of New Republic space, the Baphomet system acts as a sort of back door to the Greeop system, and thus it was necessary to deploy a standing force to protect this area. The Allegiance Battle Group, sent by the Republic Shield Fleet Commander, has vigilantly guarded the system during the Republic Shield's tiring wars with the remnants of the Empire.

Primary Military System Facilities

Primary Civilian System Facilities

  • Lancer Market Center (Eden)
  • Mormo Mining Station (Mormo)

The following sections provide the physical and social characteristics for the significant planetary body in the Baphomet system:


Orbit One

Orbit Two

Orbit Three

Orbit Four

Orbit Five

Orbit Six

  • Mormo
    • planetary rings
    • several moons