Castin "Fox" Jaheran

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Member Profile
Castin Jaheran
Career Information
Callsign Klick
Full RS Name Castin "Fox" Jaheran
Rank Commander
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location England
Age 25

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.


  • Current rank: Commander
  • Position: Reserve
  • Medals: A total of 42.
  • Starfighter: X-Wing - CorSec


I don't remember much of my life as a child, my mother…well, I never really knew my mother, she disappeared soon after I was born, and my father never talked about her. He was always away on missions for CorSec. He had laid out my life soon after I was born; I was to join CorSec, and continue his life as my own. I stayed with grandparents for the time I was growing up, and all I can remember was playing with a toy X-Wing, and flying in my father's simulator, against all manner of ships. I did become quite good, and my father was proud of me, and that's why he wanted me to join CorSec as soon as possible. I knew it was what he wanted, so I didn't complain, I thought I might enjoy it. My father was in CorSec when the famous Corran Horn was part of it. When he disappeared, life on Corellia seemed to become harder. I joined CorSec at the age of 16, not long before Corran left, and trained for what seemed the best part of my teenage years. When I was fully enrolled in CorSec, I tried my best to keep my father happy, but I just wasn't as good as he had been. I spent two years in the Corellian Security force, and that was when the worst moment of my life happened. My family had all met for my birthday, but it was to be a surprise party, so I had no idea. My older sister was the one nominated to keep me occupied before the party. I was suspicious, but that only came naturally.

When my sister told me we should go home, an hour earlier than usual, I knew something had been kept from me. However, what neither she nor I knew was that during the time it took us to get an Cab home, Imperial terrorists had bombed the street down which I lived. When my sister and I arrived, all that was left were burning houses and no sign of life. The security forces had arrived before us, and I felt that someone had thrust an icy knife deep into my belly. My sister collapsed to the floor in sobs, while I, without thought or awareness of anything around me, wondered into the street. The security tried to stop me, but I shrugged off their efforts to pull me back. When I reached my house, I found a burnt banner, with 'Happy 18th Birthday,' although some letters were burnt away. A rescue worker called to me, but I couldn't hear him, my ears were deaf to any sound. He got up and grabbed my shoulder, "Son, there were no survivors down this street, I'm sorry" "Tha..That's fine……." My mind went numb, as I walked back down the street to where my sister was being comforted by a security officer, "Castin, where are they, what happened?" "They're dead Lujayne, all dead….." Then I collapsed.

When I woke again, I was in my father's office at CorSec. My sister was in the corner, ashen faced and trembling. My commanding officer walked in and turned to me, "I'm sorry, Fox, there was nothing we could do, the terrorists were working in one of the houses, but no one suspected a thing. They all left earlier today, but no one traced them. At about midday, one of my Officers went to check out the house, and he was at the centre of the blast when it went off" "Why? Why did no one suspect, why was no one careful, WHY!" Lujayne spoke, "Castin, stop, it wasn't their fault, they couldn't have known." "I can't sit here, I have to find whoever did this." I heard ringing in my ears. "Fox, no, we'll find them, why don't you take a day off." I wasn’t going to sit by why these people fumbled around trying to discover anything. I had sliced the CorSec database, and found that the terrorist had left a day earlier, on a freighter called the Eagle's Pride so I packed my things, and prepared to leave in my CorSec X-Wing. My sister found out I was leaving, and demanded she went with me. I gave in to her, and stole an impounded freighter, in which I stowed my X-Wing.

Not long after I left, I met a pilot called Tobian Kentaas. He mentioned a Rebel Squadrons, with which he was a member. I asked for more, so he took me to their base on Blerthmore in the Greoop System. During the jouney, Tobian told me about the Rebel Squadrons, and how they were organised, and I became very interested, maybe they could help me find these imperials. When we arrived my sister stayed with the ship and I went with Kentaas to the Academy, where I was told the Rebel Squadrons was a New Republic organisation, which needed new pilots and commandos. I felt that I needed something to keep me sane while I looked for my family's killers, so I joined. My sister was shocked, but happy, and she supported me all the way. She became an intelligence agent a year later, and I joined the commandos just before. I applied to the Pilot Academy, and was accepted. I knew that my family's killers could be anywhere, but wasting my life trying to find them was useless, so the RS agreed to help search for the terrorists, and I agreed to fight for them. My life has turned upside down, and now I'm going to have to adapt, but at least I have my X-Wing to keep my memories going. Oh yeah, and my R2 droid, R2-X2, or as my sister and I nick named him, Toots.

A month later, news came of the terrorists, and with it, a disturbing discovery, my father had been killed by assassins, not terrorists, the explosion was a cover up to hide that fact that a splinter Imperial group who were carrying out assassinations on Jedi or force users, and my father had been discovered. The assassination was supposed to have included me, but because I’d left work early that day, they assassins could not track me down. The final shock came when someone sent me a message, informing me that my mother was alive and performing smuggling operations, that explained why Dad never talked about her, she was one of the very people he’d been putting away most of his life. The other part of the message told me that she had been to Alderaan before she came to Corellia, and that she had had another child, who was my half sister, there was no name attached, but the messaged mentioned the Rebel Squadrons as a reference, and so I went on a search……

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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