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Competitions are numerous in the Rebel Squadrons, but rarely do they affect all members. For this reason the Operations Office (or some other entity) should oversee an ongoing set of RS-wide competitions in which all members can participate and earn significant rewards. This will both boost activity and increase quality by inspiring members to better their contributions.


Possibilities abound. At this very moment "The Logistics Office Needs Planet Names" is happening--as an added bonus, why not award a lower-tier medal for each planet name that is accepted? Or award RS-wide merits (though that system is not yet in place)? This is one of the chief reasons that the Medals system was revamped: to allow for rewards to be used in this way.

There should likely be no less than three ongoing competitions at any given time. They can range from a single day to a month or two, or a "first correct answer is the winner" format. Consider several of the possibilities of these competitions:

  • "Name that quote from SW" -- first winner
  • "Design best new logo for Logistics Office" -- two weeks
  • "Find best YouTube video involving podracing" -- one week, prizes awarded for 1st through 3rd places
  • "Best short story about a mishap involving Kaz, Sair, and a Tusken raider, under 1000 words" -- two weeks
  • "Best suggestion for improving RS website" -- one week
  • "Best pun on the word 'bantha'" -- one week
  • "Name that planet" (with descriptions given by LO as hints) -- first winner

And so on! Clearly there are many, many competitions -- "create best competition"! -- that can be given, but we are not doing it. A drive should be made by the leadership to advertise these and reward winners with good medals, along with recognition in SotRSs, etc.


Does this sound familiar? Perhaps it does -- Funpoints. But, those points had no real purpose other than to collect the maximum possible. If, however, we connect the competitions to RS-wide medals, and RS-wide recognition, there should be enough demand to get it off the ground. If the FC and the Operations Office devote serious attention to the matter, RSers will have activities to participate in 24/7.