Dar'Telis system

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The Dar'Telis system is home to one known habitable planet, Dar'Telis I, according to the official Imperial Survey Corps Holonet Database. However, to the dwellers of the Minos Cluster, this system is simply referred to as "Tyrranus"...A dreaded place, the Dar'Telis system is avoided by all but the crazed or the foolhardy. However, it is rumored that some of the lesser known and more desperate smugglers and independent light freighters have made not only successful, but remarkably profitable runs to the Dar'Telis system. Apparently, the Tyrranians are hungry for exotic metals and modern technologies. The Tyrranians were a relatively introverted species until the arrival of the Empire 72 years ago... A word of caution, most who enter the Dar'Telis system tend not to return...


Orbit One