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This page will be used for the organization of important links, projects, and other useful things.

Logistics Office

Tour Library Project

This project's goal is to create pages describing each of the various ITODs that have been run throughout RS history, as well as create pages for each individual mission.


Task Forces
PBF Tour 1
PBF Tour 2
PBF Tour 3
PBF Tour 4


Location, Maps, Ships, and Story
Wiki Templates and Pictures

Note: Items 4, 5, and 6 have conflicting information on mission dates. Requires contact with Vaughan to determine if there is a master outline somewhere.

Craft Glossary Project

The craft glossary is a composium of all craft encountered during any and all of the Rebel Squadrons Tours of Duty.



List of all starships to be entered into the wiki along with comments of who entered them and when.

Transports and Freighters

Listing of transports and freighters that have appeared in past missions.

Listing of Current Logistics Members according to RS Roster (other than myself)

Members willing to do/assigned to work for Craft Database entries

Missions Database

  • ???


XvTED Academy Course

Things requiring some attention:

  • Get in touch with AC Black and Jay Forerunner
  • Course Level 4: Is it even necessary?

Wiki Pages for construction/work

General Wiki Work

Links to Monitor

Other Ideas

Some ideas that we could possibly expand on in the wiki to entice people to put some effort into it, and there may be options for incorporating this into the Merits Update proposal.

Re-Categorization Project

Modfiying the current category structures to create a unified, single tree of categories under which all pages will be categorized under.