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Cargo Facility 1.jpg
Production information
Class VenteX Type 1 Cargo Facility
Technical specifications
Length 168 meters
Width 461 meters
Height/depth 599 meters
Shielding 1280 SBD
Hull 768 RU
Crew 100 - 150
  • Cargo storage and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Earliest sighting IBG 508
    Destroyed IBG 508
    Present for battles/events IBG 508
    Affiliation Galactic Empire

    Imperial facility, stationed near an asteroid field (#61) (#96).


    Site of a Republic Shield raid led by the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga. The Victory Star Destroyer Revenger II, stationed nearby, co-ordinated Imperial defences against the onslaught, but Republic Shield forces gradually overwhelmed the defence forces. Republic Shield capture forces led by the assault transport Storm launched from the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga and the Strike Frigate Idiot's Array and began a capture operation of various supplies while Imperial and Republic Shield forces clashed. Xityar transport group Sole reinforced the facility, and began attacking the capture craft Storm and the heavy lifter group Echo. However Republic Shield forces destroyed the Xityar transport group Sole and pushed the Imperial defences back, allowing the capture force to raid the Imperial supply cache relatively uncontested. The Revenger II moved in to lead Imperial forces against the Republic Shield capture force, but the Republic Shield assault force steadily overcame the Imperial counterattack. The capture force successfully escaped back to their command ships with the stolen Imperial supplies. Republic Shield forces then rallied for a final and devastating onslaught against the Imperial outpost, which resulted in the annihilation of the remaining defences, as well as the bombardment of the Revenger II into oblivion, and the razing of the facility. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG508)


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