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Here you can find out what units the game allows you to throw on to the fields of battle. These lists tell you everything you can command in the game, as well as what strengths and weaknesses each unit possesses. =Rebel Forces= The Rebel Alliance tends to favor quick units that can't quite take as much punishment as some of the Imperial war machine. Still, although their units tend to be weaker mechanically, they often have stronger shielding technology (especially in space). Rebel units are often very quick, adept at striking fast and then fading back to the cover of safety


Space Units


  • Z-95 Headhunter: An old fighter that works well as a scout and as cheap defense. Its lone special ability is to hunt for enemy units
  • X-Wing: A versatile dogfighter that matches up well with everything the empire can throw at it. It has the ability to lock its wings for added speed, but reduced fire
  • Y-Wing: The Alliance's bomber, can rip through shields with ion cannons, disabling ships, as well as making missile bombing runs on targets. They're sitting ducks for fighters though
  • A-Wing: The Alliance's best dogfighting option and fasted fighter. They can lure enemy fighters towards them and disrupt fighter strikes

Capital Ships

  • Corellian Corvette: An extremely fast picket ship, able to outrun most other capital ships, allowing it to break blockades. It has a special engine boost ability to make it even quicker
  • Corellian Gunship: Another quick Corellian vessel, heavily armed and able to boost its engine power to extremely fast speeds for a capital ship
  • Marauder Missile Cruiser: A space artillery unit that can launch devestating barrages of missiles on an area
  • Rebel Cruiser: The Nebulon-B frigate is heavily armed and able to boost its shield power to defend itself from attackers at the expense of speed and firepower
  • Alliance Assault Frigate: Another heavily armed Alliance vessel, also able to boost its shield power at the expense of speed and firepower
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser: The Heaviest Alliance ship, a match for any Star Destroyer in the Imperial Fleet. They also have the ability to boost shield power.

Land Units

  • Rebel Soldiers: The backbone of the Alliance, your basic, everyday soldier. They can take cover to avoid taking too much damage. They are also used to capture strategic map points and objects
  • Plex Missile Troopers: These guys carry missile launchers. When heavy imperial walkers roll in, these guys can help take them down. They can also take cover to entrench themselves better
  • Infiltrators: These stealthy infantry have deadly sniper rifles that allow them to take shots at a distance. They can also move quickly and plant thermal detonators to destroy units and buildings
  • T2-B Repulsor Tank: A highly agile scout craft, able to move quickly over land and water. They are highly effective against infantry, but the Imperial machines tend to chew them appart. They can be directed to hunt the map for enemies and are good for quick surprises
  • T4-B Heavy Tank: A heavy tank that can switch between laser fire and missile barrages. This tank can hold its own with what the Empire throws at it
  • Assault Speeder: The T-47, made famous at Hoth. It can quickly patrol and strike the battlefield, as well as brining down AT-ATs with its harpoon tow cables
  • MPTL-2A Artillery: Rebel Mobile Artillery can move quickly into the battlefield where needed. Once deployed, they release a devastating barrage of missile upon the enemy at long ranges. Up close, they are quick fragile and must be protected


The Empire relies on heavy weapons, equipment, and numbers. Their shields can't often match the Alliance, but they'll throw enough units at you that it won't matter. On land, their walking behemoths are slow to move, but heavy to damage

Space Units


  • Probe Droid: These droids can be deployed from the galactic map to scout out the galaxy. They can spy on enemy planets to see an enemy's defenses
  • Tie Fighter: The backbone of Imperial fighter doctrine, Tie Fighters are unshielded, quick fighter units that rely on their numbers to beat the better shielded rebel craft. They are able to hunt the map for targets and often can be found deploying from Imperial Cruisers and Heavy Capital ships
  • Tie Bomber: The Imperial bomber, they are adept at targeting and bombing enemy capital ships, but are easily destroyed by fighters. They also allow for bombing runs on the ground map when stationed over a planet
  • Tie Scout: They can scout out distant areas to reveal what lies ahead. They can ping areas with their sensors to show what might be hiding there.

Capital Ships

  • Tartan Patrol Cruiser: The Imperial match for the various Corellian vessels out there, able to boost weapons power at the cost of reduced shielding and speed. This heavy barrage of fire keeps the enemy fleets at bay
  • Broadside-Class Cruiser KDB-1: A missile cruiser, able to fire off missiles at the targered area. To be caught in such zones is near suicide
  • Acclamator: A highly armed starfighter/bomber carrying vessel. It's an old variety of Star Destroyer, but still very good and moving in the necessary fighters to conclude an operation. It can also boost weapons power at the cost of shield and speed
  • Victory-Class Star Destroyer: Another older ship that carries fighters, but still a very imposing sight on the battlefield. It also boosts weapons power to overwhelm an opponent
  • Interdictor Cruiser: Capable of opening up a field that keeps the enemy from pulling out of an engagement, they can also lay down a field that disrupts the systems of incoming missiles over a certain area
  • Imperial Star Destroyer: The backbone of Imperial Might, able to deploy fighters and bombers, as well as being a match for anything in the Rebel arsenal. They can only be build when a player controls one of the major shipyards, at Sullust, Fondor, or Mon Calamari
  • Death Star: The Empire's biggest threat, can completely destroy a planet with its axial superlaser

Land Units

  • Stormtrooper Platoon: The backbone of the Empire, they are able to take cover, entrenching themselves to take less damage. They're used for taking over important positions on the map
  • Speeder Bike: The Empire's answer to the Rebellion's quick units, they scout squads can move in quickly, dropping thermal detonators, and moving out again. They can't stand much damage, but if their bikes are destroyed, the troopers will fight on
  • Tie Mauler: The ground version of a Tie Fighter, quick to produce and quick to throw away. It can run over enemies and take them out quickly with rapid fire. They also can self destruct, making them very dangeous to anything surrounding them when they charge into battle
  • 2-M Repulsor Tank: Invented to counter the quickness of the Rebellion, slightly better armed than the T2 but no match for the T4. They can boost their weapon power at the cost of shields and speed
  • AT-ST: Scout walkers, used to strike fear into the enemy. They can barrage an area with a volley of fire, and are somewhat tricky to take down * SPMA-T: The Empire's mobile walking artillery, able to deply and fire off massive artillery barrages at an incoming enemy, but can't defend themselves much at closer ranges
  • AT-AA: When the rebels bring in airspeeders and bombing runs, these anti-aircraft walkers can deploy to keep them from accomplishing their missions. They can also deply missile jamming fields to throw missiles off their track
  • AT-AT: The symbol of Imperial ground dominance, a slowly moving, but imposing sight. They can cause massive damage to nearly anything, as well as deploying stormtroopers deep into enemy lines

Special Units

Special units can be acquired by both sides of the conflict. They can be units that help manage over the battlefield, but also things that both sides can pick up from mercs and pirates


  • Fleet Commander: Improves the health and site range of space units under their command
  • Field Commander: Improves the combat health and sight range of ground units under their command
  • Bounty Hunter: Can track down and eliminate fugitives and heroes from the galactic map
  • Smuggler: Can steal credits from an enemy planet from the galactic map


  • Swamp Speeder: A fast scout craft that can move over water. I can also be deployed to hunt units
  • Skiff Brigade: These units can supliment a scouting party. They make short work of infantry
  • POD Walker: The AT-AP is a light scout walker for a single infantry member with a laser cannon that can descimate infantry


  • IPV: I pirate cruiser that acts as a picket ship with enhanced weapons for taking down fighters
  • Pirate Assault Fighter: A fighter favored by many of the pirates in the galaxy, good for neutralizing bombers, but not up to military grade fighter stats
  • Pirate Interceptor Frigate: These agile craft are good for quickly closing on enemy fighters and corvettes