Griffon Squadron

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Griffon Squadron

Renegade Fleet
General Information
Notable members Jack Daggerscout, Ravon Dark
Locations Minos Cluster
Historical Information
Formed from Prior to 1998
Other Information
Part of Renegade Fleet
Subunits Space Superiority Role

Griffon Squadron, one of the three squadrons that formed the former Defense Operations Wing in the Renegade Fleet. This squadron fought alongside Red Dragon Squadron and Jedi Squadron. Past members of note are Jack Daggerscout (RS Fleet Commander from October 29, 1999 to June 8, 2000) and Ravon Dark.

Historic Roster from February 24, 1999

Flight 1

Flight 2

  • Flight 3
  • Griffon 9: BGN Ravon Dark
  • Griffon 10 2LT Noname
  • Griffon 11 None
  • Griffon 12 None