Hec Losame

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Member Profile
Hec Losame
Career Information
Full RS Name Hec Losame
Rank Major
Join July 18th, 2004
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 31
Personal Information (Real Life)
Age 37

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Hec Losame was born and raised in Doaba Guerfel. He comes from a broken home. His Brother, Serg'al Losame, and Hec left home while they were really young and they took care of each other. Hec spend countless hours in the wild hunting game. He became very skillful with rifles and very knowledgable of Corellian fauna and flora. His brother, on the other hand spent hours in low places where he met all kind of interesting people.

After a while they decided to form a bussiness together selling Corellian goods in all corners of the galaxy. They got a small transport and started their enterprise while still on their teens. But soon enough their shipment were being intercepted by pirates. Serg' used his contacts to gain some protection, but they had to smuggle illegal stuff in return. After a while they had enough credits to buy an old used Z-95 to use as escort.

In time Hec became a skilled pilot and mechanic and that Z-95 was improved. With the protection form the underground and the Z-95 as escort, and with a small crew formed by friends they met, the bussiness prospered. But one day their assets started to being confiscated by imperial authorities on ceirtain systems. It happend that one of the corrupt planetary governors that they were smuggling for decided to keep the bussiness for him self and take out the middle men. So the governor turn on them and exposed them to the authorities and issued arrest orders for the whole crew. Some of the crew got arrested, and some even their familes got arrested. Among the arrested friends was one of Hec's best friends since childhood, Tidus-J. Hec and Tidus-J grew up together outside Doaba. Hec lost track of Tidus-J for a while until he was released from the penal moon he was being held and joined Hec in the Rebel Alliance. Another very important person in Hec's life is Muria, not only a good friend, but with her medical skills and knowledge it was her who kept Hec and friends in one piece during the early stages of Hec's adventures.

Unable to fight back legally against a "government" directive and after they lost all they had work for their whole life the decided that drastic measures will have to be taken. Serg' decided to get as underground as he could and went to work for the Hutts. He started smuggling more illegal and dangerous contraband and making a huge profit out of reach of the empire. Hec stayed with Serg' flying escort for him. But after visiting several systems and witnessing the cruelty of the empire in each of them he decided to he should do something to help in the fight againt the empire's cruelty.

One day while they were doing a run trough the Doldur sector they drop out of hyperspace right in the middle of a battle between imperial forces and the local resitance aided by the rebellion. Both their ships got damaged but they were able to escape the battle and land on Drunkenwell. They landed close to a rebellion hidden base. The rebellion personal in charge agreed to help them repair their ships in exchange for some of the weapons they were smuggling and it was so. When it was time to go Hec had decided to stay and help with the rebellion. So he finished the run with his brother and after that they ended their partnership of over a decade.

Hec came back to the Doldur sector and joined the Local Resistance with his Z-95. When imperial reinforcement came into the sector and they had to evacuate he flew cover for the transports leaving the system but his Z-95 got banged up so bad it was beyond repair. Hec got to the Tierfon outpost. There he was assinged to an Y-wing squadron and participated on several attacks on imperial convoys. He went from one squadro to another after their got decimated over and over by imperial forces, but he always manage to get out alive, sometimes with the mission accomplished, sometimes just with his life and a bearly functional ship. When a spot got open on an X-wing squadron he was transfered and looks lika a very promising X-wing Pilot. Again, he has been transfered from one squadron to another. And one small battle at the time he plans to wear the empire navy.

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