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Project Rebirth is the name I used to codename a whole new system that should support Rebel Squadrons in different ways, creating more activity, attention, fun and cooperation for and between members. A lot of work needs to be done and I'm sure that several changed will be made on the way until the system gets everyone satisfied, so every member of Rebel Squadrons is invited to edite, comment or add their own ideas or thoughts.



  • Every member of Rebel Squadrons will have an individual salary that will receive monthly, plus a bonus from their activities, this way: (Base Salary * (SP Total Activity Points + MP Total Activity points)) / 100), up to a maximum of 25. After 25 points have been reached, you get a bonus of: Base Salary * ((SP Total Activity Points + MP Total Activity points) - 25)) / 400.
  • Every month Rebel Squadrons will receive a determinate amount of credits from the New Republic that will be used for construction of starfighters, starships, space stations, shipyards and ground facilities (including mining operation centers).
  • New Republic Funds and mining resources will be controlled by the FC and will be allocated to high ranked members so they can use them for the above mentioned purposes.

Personal Income

New Republic Credits received by members can be used, initially, in these ways:

  • Personal Equipment - This would be linked to ABG and their characters, and any purchase done this way should be approved according to ABG rules and under their GMs supervision.
  • Personal Quarters - In four levels, being the first one basic free quarters. These will help to be able to fly missions after "losing" them.
    • Basic Quarters - Free quarters, shared with other members. Don't give any benefits.
    • Improved Quarters - Single, private but small quarters. Allows the pilot to keep flying after one "lose" report.
    • Veteran Quarters - Large quarters, generally for veteran officers or high ranked ones. Allows the pilot to keep flying after two "lose" reports.
    • Officers' Quarters - The largest quarters, used generally by the highest ranked members aboard the ship. Allows the pilot to keep flying after three "lose" reports.
  • Ship Customization - This, though won't report any bonus during missions, wll allow the pilots to customize their own starships.
  • Personal Transports - A member can save enough money to buy their personal non-military transport, like shuttles, corellian transports, etc.
  • Gambling - Pazaak anyone? Using pure pazaak's program, members can use their credits to gamble with other members. (Sidenote: Pure Pazaak is a MP app where you can play pazaak card game from KOTOR 1 and 2)
  • Courses - Post graduate courses will require an entry fee. Mission building course entry fees will be negated by the earnings from submitting successful missions to the database.
  • Fleet donation - Any member can gives part of their earnings back to the fleet. Benefits from this are to be discussed.

New Republic Funds

New Republic Credits from the New Republic can be used in different ways:

  • To buy new fighter squadrons
  • To buy new starhips
  • To buy new space stations
  • To buy new shipyards
  • To buy ground facilities
    • Mining operation centers - Generate an amount of resources that can be used either to obtain more credits or to reduce production costs of ships in shipyards.
    • Medical centers - Any member in a fleet orbiting a planet with this facility can keep flying after one more "lose" report. (For a total of five reports/month with the best quarters).
    • Academies - In order to participate in one of the few specially marked advanced courses, a member's fleet or squadron has to be orbiting a planet with this facility. Members may participate in most of the regular courses via holonet from anywhere in NR-controlled space, with a personal fee.
    • Command centers - Provides ground defenses against attacks.
    • Planetary shield generators - Protect ground faclities from orbital bombing.

Building ships

Ships can be obtained in two ways:

  • Buying them straight from the New Republic at full price.
    • Any number of ships can be adquired this way.
    • The ships enter in service in the base planet in the actual sector.
  • Building them on shipyards (25% reduced price).
    • If the determined amount of mining resources are allocated to the production of a ship, its prize will be reduced 50% more, for a total of 75% discount in the base price.
    • Only one starship or two squadrons can be built in a shipyard. Building time will last one month.


This section will include everything concerning movement of fleets, space combat, sector, system and planet control, etc.

Fleet movements

There are thee different levels of movement that can be performed. Squadrons are either one or two squadron of starfighters. A single major capital ship or up to three minor capital ships can move with their assigned squadrons. Fleets are a combination of multiple minor and major capital ships with their squadrons.

Squadrons movement

Squadron level movements can be ordered by squadron leaders (COs and XOs). In this level of movement, one or two squadrons formed by 2 to 6 starfighters can move to a planet within the same system than their mothership and initiate a skirmish battle. Once the squadron has scouted the planet or solved its skirmirh, they return to their homeships.

This movement can be done only once a period (one month) and before the squadron mothership has moved.

Capital ships movement

Capital ship level movement can be order by captains of those starships. In these cases, either one major capital ship or up to three minor capital ships can move to a planet within the system or travel one system away with their starfighter complements. Once the movement is done, they can either scout the place, start a battle or initiate a resources interdiction operation. After they have finished they can choose to stay in their position or return to the fleet.

This movement can be done only once a period (one month) and before the fleet has moved. If the fleet which the capital ships belong to moves away, the only movement allowed to those capitals ships in the next period is to return to the fleet.

Fleets movement

A fleet is a combination of two or more major capital ships and any number of minor capital ships. This is the most important level of movement, since only fleets can start campaigns, which can lead to the capture of planets or systems.

A fleet can move to any system and planet within the sector once a period and all the capital ships that belong to that fleet, but those who moved to a nearby system and chose to stay, will move with it. This is a very risky movement if you jump to an unexplored system, since you could end outnumbered and destroyed in a campaign battle.

Once a fleet has reached its destination can initiate resources interdiction, a campaign battle or, in case that the planet does not have enemies orbiting, planet conquer ("liberation" in New Republic's terms). After the action has been finished, the fleet can either decide to stay or move to an already controlled system. A fleet cannot do another jump to unexplored or enemy systems after their first movement.

Sector movement

Only the Fleet Commander can order a fleet to move to a different sector. At the end of each period, the FC will decide if any fleet is going to move to a different sector, choosing its destination system as well. When the new period begins, the fleets assigned to a new sector will move to the target destination with the same options than a fleet level movement. A fleet cannot leave a sector unless the Fleet Commander allows it.

Space combat

There is one combat situation for each kind of movement. For squadron movements, skirmishes, for capital ship movements, battles, and for fleet movements, campaigns. Below are the details of how each of them are solved.


A skirmish is initiated after a squadron has reached a planet. Once they have arrived, the Squadron CO or XO will get displayed a list of forces orbiting the planet and can choose either to retreat back to the mothership or initiate a skirmish. Note that if there is an Interdictor Star Destroyer the only option will be initiate the skirmish.

Skirmishes are played on X-Wing: Alliance game, in Combat Simulator, and can be either single player or multiplayer. On the Republic side, there will be one wave of as many fighters the squadron has. In the enemy side there will be the forces displayed with an AI randomized and displayed together with the list of enemy forces.

Once a player or players have finished the game, they'll submit a report checking the enemy forces destroyed as well as the friendly forces lost. This can be done only once per pilot.

The result of the skirmish will be the average of all the reports from the pilots in that squadron. The Squadron CO or XO can decide to terminate a skirmish period of reporting at anytime.


A battle starts after a capital ship movement has been done and the capital ship or minor capital ships find an opposing force. The procedure is almost the same than with skirmishes, with the only exception that more than one squadron can be involved. All the player in those squadrons can report until the officer in command of the capital ship or minor capital ships ends the battle. This can be, like in skirmishes, anytime.


A campaign is a major battle between two or more major capital ships and are initiated after a fleet movement. If the fleet finds opposing forces in its destination, a campaign battle starts.

This can be played on any platform and the missions are custom built with all the forces involved. The officer who ordered the fleet movement is the one who decides the goals of the mission and has to communicate them to the mission builders to get the mission built.

The mission is reported in the same way than skirmishes and battles, but this time pilots have to mark if the mission has been completed or not. The campaign will finish after 15 days of the mission release date.


This section explain different special situations that can happen during skirmishes, battles or campaigns.

Capturing capital ships

On a campaign an officer can set in the fleet objectives to capture one or more of the capital ships of the enemy. This is the only way to adquire Empire capital ships, like Star Destroyers. When the campaign is complete, an overall score of 50% or more successes indicates that the capital or capital ships of the enemy have been captured and they are added to the fleet of the officer in command of the campaign.

Medical Frigates

A medical frigate is a special type of ship that does not enter in combat and is only destroyed if its fleet is destroyed. The Medical Frigates allow the pilots in its fleet to report any amount of missions that has been lost.

A mission is considered lost when a pilot reports to have been destroyed. In absence of a medical frigate, superior quarters can allow the pilot to fly in more combats, but only a limited number of times (determined by the quality of the quarters).

Interdictor Cruisers

When an interdictor is present in any combat situation, the enemy forces cannot retreat unless the INT has been disabled, captured or destroyed. In a skirmish or battle, this means that if more of 50% of the reports don't have the INT destroyed, all friendly forces are considered destroyed.

Resources interdiction

When a planet has a mining operations facility, 4 freighters will be added to battles and campaigns on the side which they belong. If these frigates are reported as destroyed in more than 50% of the reports, the owner of the planet won't get any resources during the period.


How many ships are lost during each type of combat situation.


If more than 50% of the reports indicate that the pilot has been destroyed, the whole squadron has been destroyed. The squadron pilots will be reasigned to another squadron (as ships). Any enemy ship that has been reported by more of 50% of the reports as destroyed, will be considered destroyed.


If more than 50% of the reports indicate that the pilot has been destroyed, the whole squadron has been destroyed. The squadron pilots will be reasigned to another squadron (as ships). If all squadrons are considered destroyed, there is a 30% of probabilities that the capital ship or each minor capital ships have been destroyed as well. Any allied capital ship that has been reported by more of 50% of the reports as destroyed, will be considered destroyed. Any enemy ship that has been reported by more of 50% of the reports as destroyed, will be considered destroyed.


If more than 50% of the reports indicate that the pilot has been destroyed, the whole squadron has been destroyed. The squadron pilots will be reasigned to another squadron (as ships). If all squadrons are considered destroyed, there is a 10% of probabilities that each capital ships or minor capital ships have been destroyed as well. Also, other squadrons without pilots (AI controlled) have a 40% of probabilities of have been destroyed. Any allied capital ship that has been reported by more of 50% of the reports as destroyed, will be considered destroyed. Any enemy ship that has been reported by more of 50% of the reports as destroyed, will be considered destroyed.

Planetary conquer

This section will include everything concerning conquering planets who own a command center. (ABG staff probably will have a lot to say in this one)

Orbital attacks


Planetary shields


Command Center capture


Local authorities


Galactic Empire and Pirates

This section will include specific rules about Empire and Pirates movement, engagement and planetary capture.

Galactic Empire




Engagement and retreat


Planetary conquer






Engagement and retreat


Bases of operations


Salaries, New Republic Funds, Resources and Prices

This section will include all the numbers related to the system. To be done after everything else has been written, since it'll require a lot of fine tuning.


Listed in New Republic Credits (NRC)

  • Cadet (CDT) - 200 NRC/Period
  • Lieutenant Junior (LJG) - 400 NRC/Period
  • Second Lieutenant (2LT) - 1000 NRC/Period
  • First Lieutenant (1LT) - 1250 NRC/Period
  • Captain (CPT) - 1500 NRC/Period
  • Major (MAJ) - 2000 NRC/Period
  • Lieutenant Commander (LCM) - 2250 NRC/Period
  • Commander (CMDR) - 2500 NRC/Period
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LCL) - 2750 NRC/Period
  • Colonel (COL) - 3000 NRC/Period
  • Brigadier General (BGN) - 3250 NRC/Period
  • Major General (MGN) - 3500 NRC/Period
  • Lieutenant General (LGN) - 3750 NRC/Period
  • General (GEN) - 400 NRC/Period
  • Commodore (COM) - 4250 NRC/Period
  • Rear Admiral (RA) - 4500 NRC/Period
  • Vice Admiral (VA) - 4750 NRC/Period
  • Admiral (ADM) - 5000 NRC/Period
  • Fleet Admiral (FA) - 5000 NRC/Period

A list can also be viewed at http://www.rebelsquadrons.org/pay/index.php

Specific bonuses from accomplishments

  • Mission built and submitted (approved by LO) - 1000 NRC (max. 1/Period)
  • Course passed - 250 NRC (max. 4/Period)
  • Recruiting a new member that reached 2LT - 1000 NRC (max. 2/Period)
  • Improving a subdomain of RS (approved by IO) - 1000 NRC (max. 1/Period)
  • Creating a set of images/artist design/etc. for RS (approved by IO) - 1000 NRC (max. 1/Period)
  • Documenting a historical ITOD in RS-Wiki (approved by LO) - 1000 NRC (max. 1/Period)
  • Obtaining a RS-Wide medal - 500 NRC (max. 2/Period)
  • Other contributions not listed here (approved by Offices' COs) - Between 250 and 500 NRC/Period (max. 2/Period)

New Republic Funds






Personal level prices

  • Personal Quarters
    • Basic Quarters - 0 NRC/Period (Free)
    • Improved Quarters - 200 NRC/Period
    • Veteran Quarters - 500 NRC/Period
    • Officers' Quarters - 1000 NRC/Period
  • Ship Customization - 1000 NRC/Modification
  • Personal Transports
    • CEC YT-1300 = 100.000 NRC/ 25.000 NRC (used)
    • KSE Firespray-31 = 120.000 NRC/ 30.000 NRC (used)
    • CEC YT-2000 = 150.000 NRC/ 45.000 NRC (used)
    • CEC YT-2400 = 130.000 NRC/32.000 NRC (used)
    • Lambda-class T-4a shuttle = 240.000 NRC/ 60.000 NRC (used)
    • MI Muurian Transport = 240.000 NRC/ 60.000 NRC (used)
    • SoroSuub Luxury Yacht 3000 = 250.000 NRC/ 150.000 NRC (used)
  • Gambling - Initial bet of 100 NRC
  • Courses - 250 NRC * Course Level
  • Fleet donation - Any amount

New Republic Funds level

  • Fighter Squadrons (6 each):
    • A-Wing -
    • B-Wing -
    • X-Wing -
    • Y-Wing -
    • Z-95 Headhunter:
  • Transports:
    • Assault Transport -
    • Freighter -
  • Minor Capital Ships:
    • Corellian Corvette -
    • Modified Corvette -
  • Major Capital Ships
    • Nebulon-B Frigate -
    • Modified Frigate -
    • Carrack Cruiser -
    • Strike Cruiser -
    • Escort Carrier -
    • Dreadnaught -
    • Mon Calamari Cruiser (MC80) -
    • Mon Calamari Light Cruiser (MC40)-
  • Space Facilities
    • Platform -
    • Shipyard -
  • Ground Facilities
    • Spaceport -
    • Command Center -
    • Academy -
    • Mining Resource Facility -
    • Planetary Shields -

Comments, thoughts and ideas

Please use the Talk page for comments, thoughts and ideas


(Incorporate ideas from RS-wide merits) Lists of ways in which to earn income. All numbers are speculative, subject to testing of the system.

From RS-Wide Merits System

NB: months do not match up precisely with activity periods ... perhaps good to separate these two.

Josh: Perhaps at the start or end of every activity month, we can get "paid"?

Per month ...

Base salaries:

  • 2, LJG-1LT
  • 4, CPT-MAJ
  • 6, LCM-CMDR
  • 8, LCL-COL
  • 12, BGN-LGN
  • 16, GEN-COM
  • 20, RA-ADM
  • 24, FA

Itemized salaries

  • 3: per mission built and submitted to mission database (max 9 total) +1 per mission if deemed "high quality"

Per activity period ...

  • SP activity points + MP activity points ... translate directly into credits