Minos Cluster

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The Minos Cluster is a collection of planetary systems at the edge of the known galaxy between Wild Space and the Outer Rim. Presenting little military significance, the Minos Cluster has been fairly safe haven for the galaxy's outcasts. The initial sweeps by the Imperial Survey Corps indicated that there were over 70 planets in the Cluster which could naturally sustain life, although humans have only settled 10 primary worlds. Much of the Cluster's native sentient life remains in the Stone Age.

The Rimma Trade Route runs through the Elrood Sector and then terminates in the Minos Cluster. The Cluster nears the Republic held Greeop Sector to the galactic-south and the Aurora Sector to the galactic-east, inside Imperial territory.

Under the Empire, the Minos Cluster was treated as a Sector, with a Moff based on Travnin, but the Sector Fleet was small, centered around the Victory-class Star Destroyer Chariot. After the Emperor’s death, Imperial forces withdrew and the area fell into an economic slump.

The Minos Cluster was later the center of a conflict between the strong arm of the New Republic’s outer rim fleet and one of the dominant Imperial factions. Ultimately, the New Republic won but Imperial Influence remained until later years when splintering and fleet downsizing cause them to withdraw as well.