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Nincar (nin-cahr)[[1]] is a sentient, mammalian species native to Tarsonis. Physically, they are shaped with an upright oval torso, four long and bony legs, two long and bony arms, and a head that is a the end of a long neck. They are about twice the size of humans, on average.

Culture and Government

Nincar have a primitive tribal society with well established villages along the planet's many waterways and coastal regions. These villages are loosely organized into a planetwide confederacy called Planet Legend which serves to settle disputes between the factions and establish general law and order for the Nincar. The Planet Legend also serves as the main political body which interfaces with the New Republic colonies on Tarsonis. Though the New Republic has invited the Nincar to participate global government on Tarsonis, the Nincar have choosen not to join.