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MC80a Star Cruiser
Production information
Class MC80a Star Cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 1200 meters
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 8
Shielding 3,840 SBD (+1,920 Backup SBD)
Hull 2128 RU
Cargo capacity 20,000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years
  • Support
  • Munitions Factory
Earliest sighting PBF 511
Latest sighting PBF 512
Present for battles/events
  • PBF 511
  • PBF 512
Affiliation Pirate, Imperial aligned

Pirate mobile weapons factory, producing weapons for Imperial forces in the Cadrel Expanse.


PBF 511

Up to this point the vessel had eluded Republic Shield search efforts by constantly moving to different locations throughout the Cadrel Expanse. Discovered by Republic Shield forces led by the Calamari Cruiser McGrath on the edge of the Anshife system. Republic Shield forces attacked the vessel, knocking out its shields and disabling it. Imperial forces led by the Frigate Hyperion attempted to protect the vessel from boarding, but they were unable to prevent the transport group Katarn successfully boarded the vessel, taking control of it. Imperial reinforcements led by the Frigate Triumphant attempted to reverse the situation, however the arrival of the Calamari Cruiser Valour removed any possibility of that, as Republic Shield forces rallied to the Valour and defeated the remaining Imperial forces in the combat zone. (PBF511)

PBF 512

Travelled to a rendezvous point where the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm was waiting for the factory and the Calamari Cruiser McGrath. Arrived at the rendezvous point as Imperial and Republic Shield forces clashed. Imperial forces, led by the Frigate Quicksilver engaged the factory, attempting to deny Republic Shield forces the resource. Imperial reinforcements led by the Frigate Vulcan helped concentrate firepower on the Republic Shield resistance, but the McGrath finally arrived, shattering the attack force. Republic Shield forces destroyed the remaining Imperial ships and then proceeded out of the Cadrel Expanse.


Interior of craft has been gutted and refitted with warhead manufacturing equipment, thus making the craft a mobile production facility and as such a very valuable asset to the owners.

Former Task Force Assignments

Vessels of the Cadrel Expanse Pirates:

Manta - Outpost(C)

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