PBF 206

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PBF 206

Mission creator: Dew
Release date: 28 Jan 2000
Completion date: 28 Feb 2000

Top pilot: Nefo T'chir
Top squadron: FireClaw Squadron

Best historical pilot:

Download: [1]

Mission Description


The Echo Hawk has been captured from the Republic Shield shipyard in the Minos Cluster by Imperial forces, but has been tracked to this sector and a reclamation operation to recapture the vessel was initiated.

The Echo Hawk is disabled and capture operations begin with the shuttle Mac’s Pride, however Imperial reinforcements, led by the corvette group Drv'tk, intervened, disrupting the reclamation efforts and destroyed the reclamation shuttle, initaiting their own reclamation effort, which is luckily defeated by Rebuplic Shield Forces, which destroy the corvette group Drv'tk.




Empty Space near RS Shipyards
Minos Cluster

Forces Present

Rebel Squadrons Forces - Patriot Battle Fleet
SHU Mac's Pride
SHU Dew’s Trust
Starfighter and support ship complement
Imperial Forces - Minos Reclamation Force
FRG Echo Hawk
CRV Group Drv'tk
Starfighter and support ship complement

Mission Outcome

  • The shuttle Dew’s Trust finally completes the docking procedure, and the Echo hawk retreats from the combat zone to be refitted for combat duty.

Pilot Review

To be added.

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