Projects: this page is a listing of projects that members can help out with or volunteer to oversee if they want to become more involved in the RS.

Internet Office

  • We always need skilled PHP/MySQL coders. Right now, Licah is the only active RSer that can handle large-scale IO projects, although Gambit is capable and Josh helps out with smaller thigns.
  • If you know PHP/MySQL, please contact Licah and he will provide you with something.
  • If you don't know it, you can learn it! You could start at w3schools (php and sql courses), and also use the RS academy courses for the same.

Other projects

  • Academy courses: We need people to write and oversee entire courses. Write one on any topic you like, including non-Star Wars topics!
  • Missions Database: We need people to fly, report on, and review missions; we need people to oversee reports on groups of missions; we need people to make new missions for the database; we need people to go out and find more missions, especially for TIE, XvT, and XWA; and more.
  • RS World Project: We need people to translate parts of the RS site into various languages, and assist with translation of important news events or other changes. The initial step, though, is to get the translations doen.
  • Expand the wiki! project: The possibilities of this wiki are nearly endless... add all that you know of the RS to these hallowed halls...
  • Find a project on the wiki and make it yours... See what's happening and take personal charge of something. The main thing the RS suffers from in all these projects is a single person that is the driving force behind the project and has made it their main focus in the RS. You'll be able to give the project your own mark and take it the direction that you want it to go. It's yours for the taking if you want it...
  • Licah's Mom...
  • more...