Ragnarok Squadron

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Ragnarok Squadron
General Information
Founder(s) (Unknown)
Leader LGN Kirghy Lommax
Notable members
Locations Subterrel Sector
Historical Information
Founding (Unknown)
Other Information
Assigned to MC80 Star Cruiser Ad Astra
Part of Vigilance Starfighter Group


Ragnarok Squadron has had a long and illustrious career as a mainstay of the Renegade Fleet with 13 Top Squad awards, 14 Top Gun awards and 2 Tour championships to it's credit. Many former RgF CO's have come from Ragnarok including Doth Raandu and Bluejay Farscape, along with such legendary pilots as Han Suul and Xtremegene. Now, as part of the newly formed VSG, Ragnarok Squadron once again looks to rise to the top.


Current Roster - March 30, 2010

Historic Roster - Feb. 17, 2009

Historic Roster - Unknown Date

Ragnarok Squadron Website