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The RS Recruiting Office (RSRO) is responsible for reaching out to others to generating new interest in the RS through recruitment efforts. The Recruiting Office also is charged with reconnecting with past RS members when the opportunity arises to see if they wish to return.

Current Recruiting Office Staff

  • Assistant Recruiting Officer: CMDR Hyde (2008-01-11)

Former Recruiting Office Staff

CPT Michael Dreadman (2008-02-21 to 2009-04-03)

2LT Davin Olar (2007-08-12 to 2010-04-07)

Recruiting Office History

Past History & Origins:

  • Being Researched by (MGN Damon Lightwind)

Past Recruiting Office Staff:

  • Being Researched by (MGN Damon Lightwind)


  • IRC Channel: #RSRO Main channel on IRC for the Office staff and to offer an interactive point of contact for potential new members.
  • E-Mail for the Office - redirects to RSRO Yahoo Group ( as a point of contact for the RO's. Also as a point of note both E-Mail addresses can be used in all projects to gain interest.
  • Section on the RS forums - TBD

Active Projects

Wiki page:

  • RSRO Wiki Page: On going (MGN Damon Lightwind)

RS World Project:

  • RS World Project translations Spanish - Complete (CMDR Hyde)
  • Find more translators for other languages for RS World Project - In progress (All)

Advertising project:

  • Develop Recruitment video - complete (CPT Michael Dreadman)
  • Develop new flyer's and posters - Under Review (MGN Damon Lightwind)

Come up with eye catching slogans for Posters, flyer's, Video, etc... :

  • Under reevaluation - TBD

Expand Presence in the Star Wars Gaming Community:

  • Join and establish a faction in the internet game Star Wars Combine - In Progress (All)

RS Reserve List:

  • Stage one: Update File of the Reserve List of Past RS members - In progress (MGN Damon Lightwind)
  • Stage two: Cross reference Reserve List of Past RS members with COJ cases to see who is not to be contacted - In progress (MGN Damon Lightwind)
  • Stage three: Contact all Past RS members considered to be in good standing - TBD
  • Stage four: Log all Past RS members that are reachable or not - TBD

Completed Projects

RSRO Office wiki page:

  • Set up Office wiki and placed a redirect off the TO's main wiki page. This was done to reflect that the RO is now a part of the TO in accordance with the executive offices restructuring as set forth by the RSFC. (2008-07-13) - Complete (MGN Damon Lightwind)
  • Listed and organized of all projects and staff on the page to include who is assigned to what tasks as well as there current status. (2008-07-27) - Complete (MGN Damon Lightwind)

IRC Office Channel:

  • Channel first created by MGN Damon Lightwind on 2007-08-09 - Complete
  • MrBot added by RA Licah Fox on 2007-08-16 - Complete

List Office Staff:

  • Staff with dates they were appointed as RO's (2008-07-18) - Complete (MGN Damon Lightwind)

Office Point of contact E-Mail:

  • Set up an E-Mail group on yahoo for the Office with redirect from the site - (2008-09-02) Complete (MGN Damon Lightwind)

Projects in R&D

RSRO History:

  • Compile RSRO History Including past staff - Researching (MGN Damon Lightwind)

IRC Office Channel:

  • Register Office Channel #RSRO - Researching (MGN Damon Lightwind)


  • Stage one: Research posting Blogs internally and eternally. - Researching TBD
  • Stage two: Start up Blogs outside the RS for all RO's - Researching TBD
  • Stage three: Find material to post on said Blogs. - Researching TBD

Things we need check with IO about:

  • Speak with IO about setting up an office page possibly off the TO - TBD
  • Speak with IO about setting up a section on the RS forums - TBD


  • Find and list sites we can post on to gain interest - Researching
  • Research & develop Instructional video's for academy courses - TBD
  • Review current Recruiting Manual to see if we need to Update it - TBD