Redemption (ISD)

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Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.jpg
Production information
Class KDY Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 1,609 meters
Shielding 4800 SBD
Hull 2272 RU
  • Starfighters (36)
  • Lambda-class shuttles (8)
  • Delta-class stormtrooper transports (15)
  • Gamma-class assault shuttle (1+)
  • Repair and recovery vehicles
  • Crew
  • Crew (37,085)
    • Officers (4,520)
    • Enlisted (32,565)
      • Gunners (275)
  • Minimum crew 5,000
    Passengers 1,800
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
  • Battleship
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known commander(s)
  • SSF Leader: RA Michael Raven
  • Captain: Com. Harley "Jester" Quinn
  • First Officer: Maj. Joshua Mumishi
  • The Redemption is a Republic Shield KDY Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defense Force.

    Originally the Imperial Star Destroyer Sustainer, captured by Republic Shield forces in a battle sometime after the destruction of the Super Star Destroyer Tyrannic.


    The Redemption in formation with a deep space Imperial Squadron prior to liberation at the hands of the Rebel Squadrons.
    IBG 107

    When captured, its databanks yielded valuable information detailing the involvement of a group of pirates working with Imperial forces.

    IBG 108

    Acting on information gleaned from the vessel's databanks which implicated the Jardal Pirates of further collaboration with Imperial forces, the Dreadnaught Resurrection led an assault on the pirate base, backed up by the Interdictor Senate. The pirate defences were too strong to be assaulted, and so the attacking forces withdrew. Republic Shield reinforcements headed by the refitted Star Destroyer Redemption left the fleet buildup near a blue and brown planet (#46) and a blue nebula (#68) and headed to the blue and brown planet (#26) Jardal to cover the Resurrection and Senate's withdrawal from the system. Renewed the assault on the pirate base, resulting in the destruction of the outpost and most of the standing defences, whilst disabling any fleeing craft, and allowing them to be boarded and captured by assault transport group Storm.

    IBG 110

    Rendezvoused with the Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra's task force near a blue and white planet (#36) orbiting an old white star (#85), after the last of the Imperial outposts barring the way to the planet Tarla Minor and its shipyards were destroyed.

    IBG 111

    Led the Tarla Strike Force to battle near the planet Tarla Minor. Fought in the Battle of Tarla Minor, destroying the Tarla Minor Shipyards and ensuring New Republic dominance of the system.

    The Redemption
    IBG 112

    Stationed at the fleet buildup in the Tarla system while Republic Shield reconnaissance forces attempted to locate the escaped Super Star Destroyer Patriarch. A number of locations were scouted, including a zone near a red nebula (#73) and a cloudy planet (#9), but the Patriarch was finally located at a TIE Defender manufacturing facility near a purple planet (#52) orbiting a blue star (#89). Moved with the entire fleet to that location to begin the assault on the Super Star Destroyer. The Interdictor Senate prevented Imperial forces from evading the onslaught, as the rest of the fleet moved in. The Imperial forces had formed into layers of defence around the Patriarch, with outer perimeter forces covering the inner defences, which in turn covered the Super Star Destroyer. Directly engaged perimeter defence group vessel, the Modified Frigate Adrenai, then pushed through to directly engage the Patriarch's inner defences, specifically the Star Destroyers Ill Wind and Mythil. Destroyed enough forces to get in close enough to directly assault the Patriarch, contributing to its demise.


    Behind the Scenes

    The Redemption

    This ship was originally named the Dashan, intended to be the Aurora Force vessel of the same name. However the circumstances of this ship's change in allegiance are vastly different from the Aurora Force version. Retroactively renamed by the Logistics Office.

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