Resurrection II

Victory II-class Star Destroyer.jpg
Resurrection II
Production information
Class Victory II-class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 900 meters
Width 578 meters
Height/depth 248 meters
Shielding 2880 SBD
Hull 1360 RU
Crew 6,107
Minimum crew 2,100
  • Battleship (scaled down)
  • Destroyer
  • Heavy frigate
Earliest sighting IBG 509
Present for battles/events
  • IBG 509
  • IBG 601
  • IBG 603
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons

The Resurrection II is a Rendili StarDrive Victory II-class Star Destroyer that currently serves as the escort of the Redemption in the Subterrel Strike Force. Formerly the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer Dominator, captured by Republic Shield forces.


The VSDII Resurrection II was first encountered by RS forces in the Battle of New Trassk Base, as it is recorded in the missions from IBG Tour 4. At that point New Trassk Base was well established, and Intrepid Battle Group had used it as it's home base since they built it after the conflict in the Tarla Minor system. A major imperial war fleet attacked the base, with the intention of driving the IBG away. Unfortunately for the imperials, the IBG had it's complete force present when the attack came. The imperials were driven off with heavy losses, and most of their ships were destroyed. The VSDII Dominator was damaged as it left the scene, and a minor IBG force followed it. After a short battle, it's remaining Tie fighter complement was destroyed, and the Dominator itself boarded and captured.

Just before the battle at the base, IBG's Dreadnaught Resurrection had been ambushed while out on patrol in a nearby sector. Despite brave fighting, there was no way it could escape. The pilots of Phalcun, having this ship as their home, fought valiantly, but in the end they had to witness the destruction of their home. The surviving pilots managed to get back to New Trassk. After the capturing of the VSDII Dominator, it was given over to Phalcun, to serve as their new home. The pilots of Phalcun renamed it Resurrection II, to honor the meory of their fallen squadmates and the crew of the lost Dreadnaught.

IBG 509

After being refitted, the vessel was prepared for active service. Launched Republic Shield forces on a capture operation while stationed at the Hara IV Casino near the white rocky planet (#14) Hara IV. Republic Shield forces travelled to the Imperial shipyard complex Trelane with a view of a spiral galaxy (#75) and assaulted the defences, paving the way for the capture assault transports Echo I and Echo II, which boarded and captured two Imperial warships lacking personnel — the Star Destroyer Menace and the Modified Frigate Shadow. Republic Shield forces successfully defended the boarding craft, covering their escape as the captured ships withdrew from the Imperial complex. The Republic Shield forces then unleashed themselves on the nearby Imperial infrastructure, razing the cargo facility Sian and the shipyard Trelane. The vessel sent a priority call ordering Republic Shield forces to return to the vessel, as the area around the Hara IV Casino had quickly become a combat zone, with pirate forces led by the Bulk Cruiser Misery pursuing the YT-1300 freighter Lightrift which requested assistance. When Republic Shield forces returned to the area, the vessel co-ordinated the defence against the attacking forces, who were assaulting military and civilian craft indiscriminately, driving them back. The pirate forces’ preying on civilian shipping prompted the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist to reinforce Republic Shield forces, leading to the annihilation of the aggressors, including the marauder corvette Nightmare and the command ship Misery. The asylum-seeking YT-1300 freighter Lightrift then entered the Rebel Fist’s hangar and Republic Shield forces returned to the vessel.

IBG 601

Present at the Republic Shield staging area near a blue gas planet (#7) during Republic Shield operation to defend a neutral colony near the white ice planet (#39) Centrino III from attacks by pirate raiding forces. Present when Republic Shield forces returned to the Light Calamari Cruiser Kalinga.

IBG 603

Led Republic Shield forces to the Centrino III Colony near the white ice planet (#39) Centrino III orbiting a white star with bright halo (#88) near a blue nebula (#68) where pirate forces led by the Dreadnaught Summoner were launching a devastating assault on the colony and its defences. Despite the colony defence forces being led by the Strike Cruiser Centrino Defender, the defences were fast becoming overrun. The vessel drove Republic Shield forces to the assistance of the besieged colony, launching an assault on the pirate marauders. Republic Shield forces joined the colony defences in engaging the pirate attack force. After an extensive battle, the colony defences were decimated, but the pirate attack force was largely broken by the intervening Republic Shield forces. The pirate attack on the colony had degenerated to an attempt to protect pirate forces from Republic Shield forces, but this ultimately proved futile. One after the other, pirate forces succumbed to Republic Shield forces’ merciless assaults, the Dreadnaughts Summoner, Calisto and Warpath joining the rest of the pirate forces in oblivion.


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