Sentinel Company

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Sentinel Company

Sentinel Company is the Commando/Marine element for the Allegiance Battle Group. Based on the ABG command Ship, the Republic Class Star Destroyer Reliant, Sentinel Company frequently works in conjunction with standard RS forces to fight against the enemies of the RS. Contrary to the individuals who fight in the ABG's ABG Main Storyline, Sentinel Company undertakes missions that are more 'conventional' in nature, including planetary assaults, ship-to-ship combat, and other such operations. The RPG Division's Sentinel Company storyline focuses on the adventures of the 5th Platoon's Alpha Squadron and its members.

Like other ABG units, Sentinel Company allows its soldiers a certain degree of freedom when it comes to equipment and goods, allowing individual members to modify or tweak equipment to their specific liking. In addition, harkening back to the days of the Rebellion, where supplies and goods were in short supply, captured material is typically permitted to remain in the hands of the soldier for use in Sentinel operations, pending approval from the local Quartermaster.

Sentinel is currently at the same timeline point as the main RS Storyline. Some of Sentinel Company's first missions were actions against local pirates and criminal activities. Having proved themselves against such foes, the 5th Platoon's Alpha Squadron has been assigned increasingly challenging and important tasks.

Command Structure and Organization

Sentinel Company contains 5 Platoons. The 5th Platoon, a.k.a. 'Ironsides', consists of two squadrons: Alpha and Beta.

Position Current holder Former holder
Company CO Maj. Cristoph Ralne (Corellian Male) Same
5th Platoon CO TBD Lt. Ella Romeiser (Zabrak Female)
Alpha Squadron CO Lt. Nox Gammon (Corellian Male, clone) Sgt. Tychus (Mandalorian Male)

Alpha Squad currently includes the following active members:

The following members are on LOA:

Rank Structure

Enlisted Ranks These are the normal ranks that Sentinel characters have. Please note for all of these ranks we are basing the promotions on in-sim items. Potential awards for promotions may be attached to Sentinel Characters.

  • Private - The starting rank for all Sentinel Characters.
  • Private First Class - A character advances to PFC after 3 months of simming in Sentinel.
  • Corporal - The Squad Leader has the authority to promote an individual to Corporal at their discretion after the 3 month period.
  • Sergeant - The Squad Leader may submit an individual to promotion to Sergeant, but the decision must come from the Sentinel Company XO or CO.
  • Staff Sergeant - The highest enlisted rank a Sentinel character can achieve, this rank is awarded at the sole discretion of the Sentinel CO for major achievement.

Officer Ranks Ranks in this category should be discussed with a GM. In the event your character has a rank that is not listed or is higher, and you are attached to Sentinel; you maintain your rank but the chain of command considers you one step below the squadron leader.

  • Lieutenant - The squadron CO of Sentinel begins as a Lieutenant. If Sentinel expands beyond the squadron level, additional ranks will be added to this section.

Special Ranks

  • Specialist - This rank is reserved for any character who is a non-standard military character. This includes Jedi, Bounty Hunters, etc. They are equivalent in rank to a Private First Class in terms of the Chain of Command.
  • Warrant Officer - This rank is reserved for Rebel Squadrons military personnel that are attached to Sentinel but are not necessarily in the Republic Army. This rank is above all Enlisted Ranks, but below all Officer ranks.

Differences from normal character creation

The following differences from normal character creation should be observed when creating a character for the Sentinel Company storyline.

Sentinel Role Quirks

All new Sentinel characters are permitted to select a Sentinel Company Role quirk, detailed on the quirks manual page.

Starting gear

Every sentinel character begins with, at minimum, the gear/property listed below. Characters should also reference the Sentinel Fund character sheet to see if there are other articles they would enjoy instead. They may contact a GM to request a piece of equipment from the Sentinel Fund.

  • Sentinel Company Blast Vest (+1/+1 Protection, 5 HP)
  • Sentinel Company Helmet (+1/+1 Protection, 5 HP)
  • Formal Uniform
  • Blastech DL-18 (4D+1 Damage, 3/30/120 Range, 25 shots per power pack, Small)
  • 2 Spare Power Packs
  • Vibrodagger STR+2 Damage
  • Standard Datapad
  • Military-Grade Comlink (100km range, DC 31 Tap, DC 31 Decrypt)
  • Survival Pack (+1 External Bonus to Survival, +1 External Bonus to First Aid, Acts as Medkit for 2 uses for First Aid checks)
  • 5,000 Credits (To purchase additional equipment from an SGM)
  • Quarters on the ABG Flagship (Simple quarters on the RSD Reliant, Sentinel Company is located on Deck 6, Sections 1-4, near the midline of the craft)
  • 1 Piece of 'Custom' Gear (This represents field modifications, a trinket, or some sort of item. You can either modify a piece of equipment that you begin with or choose another piece of equipment. Must be approved by an SGM. As a rule of thumb, this item should not exceed DC 30)