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devcost=500,000 Credits|
devcost=500,000 Credits|
devtime=1 Week|
devtime=1 Week|
bcost=20,500,000 Credits|
bcost=205,000,000 Credits|
btime=1 Week|
btime=1 Week|
length=400 Meters|
length=400 Meters|

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Seraph-class Cruiser
Production Information
Designer Allegiance Battle Group
Manufacturer Allegiance Battle Group
Combat Designation Cruiser
Role Combat Vessel
Vehicle DesignSeraph-class Cruiser (SCC)
Prototypes Seraph-class Cruiser Seraph
Development Cost500,000 Credits
Development Time1 Week
Build Cost 205,000,000 Credits
Build Time 1 Week
Technical Specifications
Length400 Meters
Width210 Meters
Height 120 Meters
Cargo Capacity 2,100 Metric Tons
Consumables 3 Years
Crew Compliment 600 Biologicals, 600 Droids, 30 Gunners
Troop Compliment 100 Commandos
Starfighter Compliment 6 Starfighters
Onboard Craft 4 Transport-class Craft
Drive Systems
Navigation LpL-90 Navicomputer
Primary Engines 7 Kuat Galaxy-15 Ion Engines
Maneuverability 2D
Cruise Speed 85 MGLT
Top Speed 94 MGLT
Flank Speed 108 MGLT
Hyperdrive Kuat Galnav-10 Hyperdrive Motivator
Hyperdrive Rating x1
Back-up Hyperdrive Kuat Galnav-15 Hyperdrive Motivator
Back-up Rating x10
Combat Systems
Weapon Systems 12 Modified XX-9 Rotary Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
  • 3D Fire Control
  • 3-15/35/75 Space Units
  • 6-30/70/150km in Atmosphere
  • 14 SBD/RU Damage
  • 8D Capital Scale Damage
  • Fire Arcs
    • 9 forward, 6 rear, 8 Ventral, 8 Dorsal, 9 Port, 9 Starboard

16 CEC AG-2G Quad Laser Cannon Turrets

  • 3D Fire Control
  • 1-3/12/25 Space Units
  • 100-300m/1.2km/2.5km in Atmosphere
  • 8D Starfighter Scale
  • Fire Arcs
    • 10 All Arcs

4 4-rack Tube Fed Universal Warhead Launchers

  • 3D Fire Control
  • Range varies depending on payload
  • Fire Arcs
    • 4 forward, 4 rear, 2 Ventral, 2 Dorsal, 4 Port except within 100m of the hull, 4 Starboard except within 100m of the hull.

24 Turreted Anti-Warhead Autoblaster Emplacements

  • Fire Arcs
    • 12 forward, 12 rear, 12 Ventral, 12 Dorsal, 12 Port, 12 Starboard
  • Fires at 12D vs incoming warheads

2 Phylon II Tractor Beam Projectors

  • 3D Fire Control
  • 3-15/35/75 Space Units
  • 6-30/70/150km in Atmosphere
  • 8D Tractor beam damage
  • Fire Arcs
    • 2 Front, 2 Rear, 1 Ventral, 1 Dorsal, 2 Starboard, 2 Port
Ventral Bomb Bay, holds 100 metric tons of ordinance
Sensor Systems Fabritech ANs-9.5w wide range sensor system
  • Passive: 30 Space Units/1D
  • Scan: 75 Space Units/3D
  • Search: 100 Space Unit/4D
  • Focus: 4 Space Units/5D
Shields Delphus R817 Deflector Shield Generator
  • 1400 SBD Ray/Particle/Ion
  • 1540 for ABG Produced versions
  • Hull Quadanium reinforced Alusteel Hull
  • 700 RU
  • System Rating 800 SU
    Power SystemsGenerations III Self-Contained Power Generator

    The Seraph-class cruiser was designed by the Allegiance Battle Group's navy as a general-purpose vessel capable of interception, heavy combat, and heavy escort mission profiles. More expensive than normal vessels of its size, the Seraph-class cruiser was designed to engage and defeat much larger vessels.

    Special Features

    Advanced Holographic Tactical Display: +1D to Tactics for space combat

    Medbay: +1D to Medicine checks performed in the bay, when utilizing equipment

    Machine Shop: +1D to Crafting and Repair Checks

    Brig: Standard Four Cell Arrangement, with room for additional Modular Security Modifications later.

    Interior Defenses: Automated Autoblasters in engineering, Computer Core, and Bridge, as well as down Main Corridors; Keycarded Blast Doors and Security Stations in said locations as well

    Missile Launchers: Each launcher may fire up to 4 warheads per round. The launcher assembly must fire at a single target, allowing the Seraph to fire four warheads each at up to four targets.

    Redundant Systems (SERAPH PROTOTYPE ONLY): Ship is 50% resistant to ION damage, and recovers 50% faster from it.

    Force Alchemy effect (SERAPH PROTOTYPE ONLY): Helm has been imbued such that anyone who utilizes the navicomputer has access to the ability Instinctive Astrogation regardless of their SENSE or PERCEPTION score at 9D.

    Odd effect (SERAPH PROTOTYPE ONLY): Whenever the hyperdrive is engaged, an English actor pretending to be a Frenchman coolly declares 'Engage.' This is heard throughout the bridge.