Sightseeing on Naboo (107)

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Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

Shore Leave Summary

The Battle of Rebano placed several members of Zealot Squadron in harms way, and the capital ship Unforgiven entered the thick of battle in order to retrieve some of the wounded and disabled. Consequently, the Nebulon-B Frigate, led by Cody Qel-Droma received severe damages, nigh crippling the capital ship and requiring retrofitting on the planet, Selaris. Whilst the capital ship temporarily decommissioned, Zealot Squadron had been granted shore leave on Naboo and Rori, the planet's neighboring moon. Second Officer Sarriah James led the expedition on the squadrons temporary respite and enlisted the help of friends Sandarie Chausew and Mallanik, the spouses of Leaph Chausew and Anishor respectively. The squadron had been given a day to gather gear and report at 0800.

Of course prior history between certain members disrupted what was to be a happy vacation, particularly the history between former members of Vanguard: Leaph Chausew, Halyn Lance, and Lucas Benoit-Stark. Many years ago, the two served under the command of the Zabrak. Halyn's desolation of Leaph's Antinko Squadron in the Rara Avis fiasco and his reluctance to launch a counter-offensive with Resurrection Squadron allowed the Imperial Navy a chance to regroup and regain control of Deep Space. On board Sandarie's vessel, the Savage Fury, at the request of Sandarie and a certain fugitive, Halyn and Stark were coerced to grouping together. Meanwhile, the remainder of the Zealots took advantage of either the re-acquaintance of couples or new found bonding on the Memories. Lori Star and Gavin Storm were forming a bond while their CO took the time to learn more of his staff. And Nathaniel Maslow after his revelation of his past troubles, brawled with a few vagabonds interested in nothing but trouble.

The arrival on Rori was a sight to behold for some, but a homecoming to others, especially those of Vanguard who settled in the town known has New Horizon. Halyn and Stark had been summoned to a lounge filled with libations and an array of women by none other than Josh Arands, whom Stark had believed to be dead. Anishor and Mallinik enjoyed a second honeymoon at Wroshyr Village while Sandarie and Leaph experienced some quality time in Moenia, Naboo. Elsewhere Cody coped to better understand his new subordinates by return to familiar ground, the RS Bar and Grill. In hoping to relax and enjoy a drink in familiar territory, he encountered a merchant selling assault rifles, to which he purchased. In typical fashion, the members of Zealot in the Bar and Grill soon found themselves in a brawl, inflicting collateral damage and creating a disturbance that ended a time of rest and relaxation with a trip to the brig.