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  1. Establish primary voice server - ask Sarriah or someone else about current RSPA ventrilo server

-UPDATE- Josh Hawkins will be setting up a 100man vent server when the time is needed (Money providing)

  1. Clarify Josh Hawkins's rules posted in the general forum
  2. Recruit from SWG PA / see who's interested in joining up with the new group / establish some prior support
  3. Establish vision for the entire group (become news source?)
  4. Naming scheme for group
  5. Plan for keeping ingame and regular RS together.

People who have indicated interest

i.e. a quasi-roster for now


  • Ventrilo owned by Macman, max of 50? people (ask Blast for more details)
  • Ventrilo at, max of 8 people
  • TeamSpeak at, max of 100 people
  • TeamSpeak at (RSPA TS server), max of 80 people

Proposed info site

  • During beta: information on what's going on (if any RSers are accepted into it)
  • Quick-start guide: how to play reasonably in 5 minutes
  • Introduction
  • Walkthroughs (particular areas, boss fights, quests)
  • Blogs
  • Articles (pithy observations)

What not to focus on:

  • Literal duplications of news announcements without commentary. Many people will subscribe to the official news feed. It's good, however, to offer commentary in the second part of the article/post after reporting the facts.
  • Large databases of information or statistics. These can be easily maintained in wiki format (e.g. the SW:TOR wiki), or by other websites. Our valuable contributions can be interpreting this information for others - acting as leaders in the field, being experts. We could maintain such a database and benefit from it, but only if we can guarantee consistent and careful updating from dedicated members, and justify their time spent on that rather than offering higher-level commentary and interpretation.