Trev Firestorm

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Member Profile
Trev Firestorm
Career Information
Callsign Sweeper
Full RS Name Trev Firestorm
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Corellian
Gender Male
Age 26
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location USA

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.


  • Current rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Position: -
  • Medals: A total of 46.
  • Starfighter: Assault Gunboat - Firebolt


Recent history as observed from a remote viewer.

"There that should do it" Trev exclaimed. At last he finally finished the first Siren Starfighter. "You think it will live up to expectations?" replied Wes Darsley Trev's good friend and CorSec partner. "Sure, it'd better work... our jobs are riding on it." "Did you have to involve me? I rather like my job" "When they gave me the grant to build these things they insisted on it. Got the other tractor array ready?" "Yep, here, this time don't drop it" he scolded. "That was your spanner I tripped over, don't blame me" I retorted. "Fine Trev, but the reactor casing..." "Yeh, yeh" I cut in. "Just help me get it in... There, that is all. These birds are ready to fly," Trev said after finishing Siren 2's tractor beam array. "I'll calibrate 2's firing systems, you set up 1's" he yelled down, already in the cockpit. Trev dashed across the hanger and climbed in to Siren 1. After finishing the calibrations and pre flight sequences they were ready. "All set here, why don't we take them for a spin?" Trev called over the comm. "Fine with me," he replied, his voice only slightly distorted by the comm. With that both fighters leapt off the hangar floor and shot into the open skies. As they rose Trev took a good look at his creation. The streamlined nose gently curved back to the integrated cockpit. On either side of the nose there were 2 repressed laser cannons, the kind found in the nose of Y-wings. They could fire single, double, and quad linked depending on the situation. On the underside there were 2 warhead launchers loaded with 3 concussion missiles each. Also, hidden behind the cockpit was a depressed ion cannon, which would slide out of its hatch when called upon. In the rear fuselage the primary drive unit was housed. It's exhaust nozzle tapered off the aft of the craft. Mounted smoothly at the end of the short curved wings the secondary drives were mounted. Smaller than the main drive, each had a rectangular exhaust nozzle that ran from the wing tip to one-forth the distance towards the fuselage. Fast and agile, these were just the machines CorSec needed to gain the edge that X-wings just weren't able to supply. They raced towards HQ pulling intricate maneuvers X-wing pilots only dream of when Wes noticed Loor out on the landing pad, evidently waiting for Corran and Iella to return from some mission. "Hey! Isn't that Loor down there?" "Sure is Wes, vile man he is, if the stories are true. Let's see if we can scare him a little." Trev replied, immediately pulling into a dive that suggested strafing run. Wes followed an appropriate distance behind him. "He doesn't even know about the project, he'll think that we were some kind of terrorist or smuggler or something! Ha, ha!" "Ummm... Trev. That idiot just jumped off the platform, call in the medic."

3 hours later an embarrassed and broken Kirtan Loor spent his anger visibly and audibly, which would have made us laugh except we had just found out that we had to work under him because of our stunt. After a 10 meter fall he twisted an ankle and broke his arm for his stupidity, nothing bacta couldn't handle. "I've decided that you are going to field test you little toys out there" he told us in impotent rage, and that's when the problems began...

For the next few years we had assignments to chase uncaptured felons which kept away from our home system for most of those years. At one point they were pinned down in a cantina so they used the Sirens' slave circuitry to strafe the wall behind or enemies. Then they used the smoke, dust, and rubble as a diversion to get out when Loor, in his infinite wisdom, called us demanding that they scrap the mission and get back to base. Something bad just had taken place there and he had a special mission for the team. "Shit, get down," Trev called, already diving for the floor as the blasters opened up at their backs again. As he went down, a bolt from the hailstorm of blaster fire caught him in the left arm. Wes dropped down next to him but ended up flying along several meters away. He had taken a shot to the hip that whirled him around to receive another one in the stomach. Fortunately, Trev was able to take down a table as cover then retrieved Wes's unconscious body. After applying an emergency bacta patch to Wes's stomach he grabbed both blasters and opened up in his own, remarkably accurate firestorm. Then he called Siren 2 into the hole they had created and brought it close so he could load Wes into it. Once Wes was safely on board, the craft floated reverse back out the hole, firing a couple laser blasts into the enemy group. Trev used that to sneak out the front to safety. Once they got back to base and went through the most annoying bacta treatments, they got to face Loor. Before the partners could tear him apart he started, "Corran, Iella, and Gil just fled after Corran murdered a group of smugglers and the others covered for him. You have to go after them now so I can finish some business here." "I might not know him very well, but I do know that Corran is honorable and would never do something like that you stupid..." Wes started. "Wes," Trev cut in warningly, "if Loor says so we have to listen. However," turning to face Loor, "if you ever call us in the field like that again, you will pay an incredible price for it. You almost got us killed in there. Now let me see those reports."

A few months later the team met with Gil in a cantina in the outer rim. "All right Gil, what really happened, did Loor falsify those reports, because I can't believe he would do such a thing," Trev began. "Ah, now you suffer under that fool Loor," Gil replied. "Do you actually think he has the brains to slice those in? Of course not, I fabricated the reports to give us cover for our escape." Then the commlink beeped and Wes signaled for silence, it was Loor. "Firestorm, Darsley, report in, I know where Gil is right now and I need you to apprehend him," came Loor's voice. Trev saw that his partner was ready to go postal on Loor so he quickly snatched the commlink away from Wes and replied as calmly as possible, "Really, well now you had better watch your back you idiot. That is the second field call, and now you are in big trouble." He practically broke the device when he shut it down. "All right, you are safe with us," he told Gil. "There was never a doubt," Gil replied coolly. "Loor has just made the worst enemy he could, 2 Siren pilots," Wes declared. "2 Corellian Siren pilots," Trev corrected, "Now I'll just activate the fail-safe viruses in the plans I gave them for our fighters and we'll be set." "Loor's away from home so we can slip in and out quickly to get our stuff," Wes suggested. And with that their flight began. Unfortunately, after that Loor had a constant Imperial guard so they never got a shot off at him after that. So after a couple of years they split up, Wes went to work for Republic intelligence and Trev followed Loor for a few more months before giving up and ended up petitioning for a Siren squadron in the Republic. He was told that it could not be done for a while at least, so his Siren joined Wes's in a special storage yard and he was shuttled off to Starfighter Command for placement.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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