Trosa Aldair

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Trosa Aldair was born sixteen years before the Battle of Yavin, at the height of the Emperor's Jedi Purge. His father Karmel, had had been a Jedi apprentice in the years leaqding up to the Great Clone War. Just before the War, however, Karmel was ejected from the order after taking the blame for the death of his Master, Otan. Otan was killed when he and Karmel were ambushed by Muarauders, a gang of feral humans in Coruscant's underlevles who used the dark side to dominate other ferals. It was Karmel's negligence, the order decided, which had attracted the Mauruaders to the two Jedi.

Karmel was banished from the Temple and became a pilot for Jorj Car'das' smuggling group. There he met Liane Horuk, another pilot with latent Force ability who had been discovered by the Jedi too late for training. They married and conceived a child.

This was at the height of the Jedi Purge. For Trosa's safety, his father planned a daring run to secretly take the infant Trosa to the Force-empty world of Myrkr. The Jedi Council, who still monitored Karmel, heard of his plan and hired him to take six more infants. Trosa's mother, Liane Horuk, volunteered to fly the mission. The ship was betrayed to the Empire, and the Jedi smugglers barely eluded pursuit in the forest; out of all the children only Trosa made it to safety. His mother raised him, but died when he was ten; after that, Trosa lived on the street and worked at a landspeeder shop until he was old enough to leave the planet.

When the smuggler Talon Karrde took control of Car'das's group, he established his central base on Myrkr. Karrde, with his information sources, knew of the botched Myrkr Run, and knew that a Master named Aldair had been behind the operation. He'd known Liane Horuk personally. Trosa joined Karrde's group at age 17. Karrde suspected something from Trosa's name and let him begin training as a pilot. On his first orbital flight, Trosa left Myrkr's Force-null field and discovered his connection to the Force, confirming Karrde's supicions that he was one of the Jedi children.

Knowing that a fully trained Jedi would be an invaluable resource for his organization, Karrde tracked down Andur Starkiller, a Jedi Master who had survived the Purge himself by severing his link to the Force. The Master was still alive on Kuat. Karrde sent Trosa to train with him. As he trained, Trosa continued working for the organization as an information gatherer and a shadow liasion to Kuat's government.

When Trosa completed his Jedi training, Karrde reassigned him to his personal freighter, the Wild Karrde, and utilized his ability to sense emotions during negotiations and interrogations. The presence of a Jedi in full robes was also an effective intimidation tool. Uncomfortable with this role, Trosa decided to leave Karrde's service after six months aboard the Wild Karrde, and searched for another way to use his powers.

With the Emperor dead, Trosa decided that the Empire was the best choice. They were much better than the New Republic at providing order and stability; and perhaps, as a Jedi, he could use his skills to influence them to a wiser path. Using skills he'd learned in Karrde's employ, he sliced into Imperial records, rewrote his personal history, and successfully applied to the Imperial Academy on Carida.

Aldair's Jedi training had been much more rigorous than Imperial basic training; but Trosa's real challenges were in the classroom, against the Imperial propaganda machine. Some of the points, like the Tarkin Doctrine of fear of force, bothered him; but he didn't know much better than to accept other beliefs, like human superiority over aliens. That did seem to be the case; hadn't all the famous Jedi been humans?

After his commissioning as a Lieutenant, Trosa was accepted into the legendary 181st Imperial Battle group. He rose through the Starfighter Corps' ranks quickly, and picked up several medals in his first few missions. Though he didn't know it, his service to the Empire was taking him dangerously close to the dark side.

He first began to realize his peril after a mission to Penadon, when he willingly followed orders to strafe a crowd at a peaceful protest. Fifteen people were killed by the squadron, and those deaths bothered his conscience. Cold-blooded murder wasn't the same as killing an enemy in battle.

Several months later Trosa left the 181st and took command of Viper Squadron. The XO of the squadron, Nelora Cardain, was a double agent for New Republic Intelligence. She convinced Trosa to defect, playing on his growing ambivalence about the Empire. When Viper's next mission came along, Trosa and Nelora engaged rigged hyperdrives for their TIE Interceptors and left Imperial service forever.

Joining the Republic, Trosa was sent to the Outer Rim, to a fleet known as Aurora Force. His first mission after graduating from the Academy was a month-long, one-man Intelligence infiltration aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Aggressor, where he posed as an Imperial starfighter pilot. It was a chance for him to overcome his last doubts about defecting, seeing his old environment with fresh eyes. On that mission, Trosa managed to recover a hundred pages of vital Imperial Intelligence data. After returning to the AF, he fought in a conflict over the world of Grassus, where a fellow AF member named Tech Krill was captured. Later, Trosa and several others from his wing helped rescue Lieutenant Krill from a gigantic Dark-sider fortress-ship.

After the Krill Rescue Trosa was promoted to First Lieutenant, and he and the others of his wing rejoined the AF in the Kartuiin Sector for a campaign to liberate that sector. Their first mission: overthrowing the Imperial rule on the strategic world of Xenen. After Xenen was liberated, they moved their base to that world, and Trosa was promoted to Major and placed in command of the newly organized Redstar Squad.

A year later, during a mission to the Conceli system, Trosa was captured by the Empire and placed in a prison on Conceli VIII. He was tortured, and nearly killed, by the prison's sadistic administrator, Halo. When Conceli VIII fell to the Republic, he and two other AF prisoners were rescued by New Republic commandoes form Keena Naduma's Tigress Squadron.

After recovering from his imprisonment, Trosa went on LOA from the AF and traveled to Wild Space. He trained there for a short time with the Sinath, a group of swordsmen dedicated to fighting the dark side. While there, he discovered a bloodline of Sinath Aldairs related to his family. One of them, Fagan Aldair, died in battle and placed his newborn daughter, Kiara, in Trosa's care.

Trosa continues to serve the New Republic, and as a Jedi grows continually in the Force. He is learning more every day about the masters he was truly born to serve--the Jedi ideals of peace and justice.