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KDY Modified EF76-B Nebulon-class Medical Frigate
Production information
Class Modified EF76-B Nebulon-class Medical Frigate
Technical specifications
Length 300 meters
Width 72 meters
Height/depth 166 meters
Maximum acceleration 1200 g
Maximum speed (space) 16 mglt
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 800 km/h
Engine unit(s) Kuat Galaxy-15 ion engines (7)
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 3
  • Backup Class 16
Shielding 2,560 SBD
Hull 1520 RU

  • Taim & Bak XI7 turbolasers (6)
  • Borstel RH8 laser cannons (8)
  • Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (2)
Complement none

  • Crew (901)
    • General Crew (850)
      • Medical Personnel (80)
    • Gunners (51)
    • Medical Droids (30)
Minimum crew 307
Passengers 700 patients
Cargo capacity 1,000 metric tons
Consumables 1 years
Other systems

  • Medical Beds (745)
  • Bacta Tanks (15)

  • Medical Frigate
Earliest sighting IBG 104
Present for battles/events
  • IBG 104
  • IBG 105
  • IBG 106
  • IBG 107
  • IBG 108
  • IBG 109
  • IBG 110
  • IBG 111
  • IBG 112
  • R2F 701
  • R2F 800
  • R2F 802
  • R2F 803
  • R2F 804
  • R2F 805
  • R2F 807
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons

    The Vespia is a Republic Shield KDY Modified EF76-B Nebulon-class Medical Frigate that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force. Since it does not carry any fighters the Vespia usually remains with the fleet's command ships and does not accompany other ships into combat.


    The Vespia

    The Vespia was one of the EF76-B Nebulon-class frigates that defected to the Rebel side early on during the fight against the Empire. It was soon modified by the Rebellion to serve as a medical frigate for the Rebellion's wounded. It served in this manner through the remainder of the war. It was the ship that Luke Skywalker recieved his artifical hand on and was the medical frigate at the Battle of Endor. As more and more ships were added to the New Republic's forces, the Vespia became just another medical frigate. It was transfered to Retribution Fleet upon its formation to serve as it's medical ship. It continued to do so until the merger of Retribution with the Patriot Battle Fleet on 44:1:24.

    Based in a system with a spiral galaxy (#77) visible in the distance, while waiting for the shipment of captured Imperial starfighters. Transported TIE Defender starfighters captured by Republic Shield forces to Sluis Van Shipyards for study. (IBG104)

    After delivering shipment to the Sluis Van Shipyards, returned to reinforce the fleet build-up preparing to assault the Tarla Minor Shipyards. Present at the build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) on the edge of a green dust nebula (#66) during a Republic Shield undercover information-retrieval mission by the assault transport Lambda. (IBG105)

    Part of the Tarla Strike Force assault against the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Tyrannic and its supporting fleet at an Imperial construction facility near a blue and brown planet (#26) orbiting a white star (#91) on the edge of a blue nebula (#68), led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Steered clear of the primary engagement for unknown reasons. In the aftermath of the battle, relocated to the rendezvous point near a blue and black gas planet (#34). (IBG106)

    Present at the fleet build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) during a Republic Shield recovery mission of a supply convoy, which was in the process of being captured by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Sustainer before the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist’s forces disabled and captured the Star Destroyer, and rescued the convoy. (IBG107)

    Present at the fleet build-up near a blue and brown planet (#46) and a blue nebula (#68) during Republic Shield assault on the Jardal pirate base. (IBG108)

    Present at the build-up near a murky orange planet (#33) orbiting a white star with blue halo (#90) during a failed supply raid by Republic Shield forces that were lured into an Imperial trap by survivors of the Jardal pirates, who escaped during the battle. (IBG109)

    Rendezvoused with the Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra’s task force near a blue and white planet (#36) orbiting an old white star (#85), after the last of the Imperial outposts barring the way to the planet Tarla Minor and its shipyards were destroyed. (IBG110)

    Part of the Tarla Strike Force task force led by the Star Destroyer Redemption. Fought in the Battle of Tarla Minor, destroying the Tarla Minor Shipyards and ensuring New Republic dominance of the system. (IBG111)

    Stationed at the fleet build-up near the planet Tarla Minor while Republic Shield reconnaissance forces attempted to locate the escaped Super Star Destroyer Patriarch. A number of locations were scouted, including a zone near a red nebula (#73) and a cloudy planet (#9), but the Patriarch was finally located at a TIE Defender manufacturing facility near a purple planet (#52) orbiting a blue star (#89). Moved with the entire fleet to that location to begin the assault on the Super Star Destroyer. The Interdictor Senate prevented Imperial forces from evading the onslaught, as the rest of the fleet moved in. The Imperial forces had formed into layers of defence around the Patriarch, with outer perimeter forces covering the inner defences, which in turn covered the Super Star Destroyer. Provided close defensive escort for the Interdictor Senate, preventing Imperial forces from escaping, while other elements of the fleet pushed in close enough to bombard and destroy the Patriarch directly. (IBG112)

    Bound for the Republic Shield Command in the Aecreas system when a distress signal from a freighter convoy in the neutral Vivianas system under Imperial attack was received. Part of Republic Shield task force led by the wounded Star Destroyer Prometheus in preventing the slaughter of civilians in the Vivianas system. Arrived to take part in the counterattack against Imperial forces attacking civilian craft, but was unable to prevent the entire convoy from being destroyed. Local Vivianas defence forces joined with Republic Shield forces in striking back, destroying the Dreadnaught Vibraxo, the Carrack Cruiser Tantis, the modified corvette Evian, and the accompanying Imperial starfighter forces. (R2F701)

    Arrived at the Rendezvous point for Republic Shield forces far in the Outer Rim before heading out into the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. Part of Retribution task force led by Star Destroyer Prometheus. Entered hyperspace to jump further ahead of the main fleet, before Sentinel task force had arrived. (R2F800)

    Part of Republic Shield attack force led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus against the main Imperial fleet stationed in the Desdemona Sector, led by an Imperial Warlord. Arrived after the Prometheus’s task force had already drawn Imperial attention towards the Interdictor Chains of Justice and its interdiction abilities. The vessel led the second task force flanking Imperial forces from the other side. The Interdictor Chains of Justice engaged its interdiction field, preventing withdrawal of Imperial forces, forcing them to battle. The odds stacked against the vessel’s forces improved with the defection of Abandon forces led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, who spontaneously attacked Imperial forces, forming a three-way surrounding force pushing inward towards the Warlord’s flagship, the Star Destroyer Indomitable. The withdrawal of the Chains of Justice to spare it from destruction seemed to open up the possibility for Imperial victory, or at least enable the escape of the Indomitable, however Abandon and Republic Shield forces were more successful than expected, outmanoeuvring and overcoming the Imperial forces, destroying the Indomitable and its supporting ships. (R2F802)

    Part of Republic Shield defences led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus at the diplomat transfer between Republic Shield and Abandon forces in the Desdemona Sector. Defended against Imperial attempts to disrupt the negotiations led by the Strike Cruiser Vicious, and helped drive off the attackers, allowing the diplomatic craft to safely arrive onboard the opposite faction’s vessels. (R2F803)

    Rushed to reinforce the Star Destroyer Prometheus, which had been pulled out of hyperspace unexpectedly, possibly through use of a form of interdiction mine and ambushed by Imperial forces led by the Dreadnaught Black Knight, soon after the diplomat transfer with Abandon forces had taken place. The question of a spy amongst Republic Shield forces was considered, as Imperial comm. traffic hinted at the fact, and the Abandon ambassador onboard the vessel was not above suspicion. Arrived late into the battle, as the Prometheus was retreating back towards the vessel’s anticipated position. Led Republic Shield reinforcements in driving the remaining Imperial forces back, helping destroy all of the attacking capital ships. (R2F804)

    Relocated the Abandon forces’ ambassador to the brig of the Interdictor Chains of Justice. The Interdictor was deemed more secure as the Abandon forces were suspected of betraying the Star Destroyer Prometheus to Imperial forces. Part of Republic Shield forces led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus in an assault on the Abandon forces’ main fleet led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, suspecting that they had betrayed the Prometheus’s location to Imperial forces. The Abandon forces claimed to know nothing of the allegations, but the point became moot when Imperial forces led by the Frigate Salatum descended on the position and launched an attack on Republic Shield and Abandon forces. Followed the Prometheus and engaged the attacking Imperial forces, with the Interdictor Chains of Justice and the Abandon forces, led by the Nightshade. The Imperial Escort Carrier Bertha danced around the fleet, periodically launching Imperial forces and then entering hyperspace briefly before returning to deploy more forces, to completely surround the Abandon and Republic Shield forces. The Imperial forces were eventually beaten back and defeated, and the Abandon forces were viewed with less suspicion as they had battled against the invading Imperial forces, when they could have evened the conflict against Republic Shield forces had they wished to. (R2F805)

    Escorted a supply convoy through a system en route to the Republic Shield build-up in the Desdemona Sector, as they passed through a hyperspace impediment via sub-light speeds. Led Republic Shield forces against Imperial forces led by the Escort Carrier Wayward, who attempted to destroy the convoy. Led Republic Shield forces in crushing the attacking forces, completely annihilated them, and allowing the convoy to enter hyperspace and reach the Republic Shield build-up. (R2F807)


    The Vespia

    As it is a medical frigate, the starfighter launch bays, hangars, spare parts storage areas, etc. has been completely rearchitectured to comfort wounded members of the Rebel Squadrons.

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