Week of War

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A Week of War is a monthly recurring event at BattleStats.com for a variety of games. The RS participates in the following Weeks of War:


You must be registered on BattleStats and have joined the RS there to be able to play for the RS in WoWs. To fulfill these requirements, do the following:

  1. Create an account at BattleStats (or use an old one)
  2. Sign up for the RS (club id: 2054)
  3. Email or send an Xfire message to Spokes or HeavyD, who will approve you to be on the RS roster.
  4. Check your profile to make sure that the RS is listed after Spokes approves you.
  5. Download the Errant Venture client from the VSG downloads page.
  6. Follow the instructions found at http://vsg.rebelsquadrons.org/wow for setting up an account for the Errant Venture.
  7. Participate in WoW!


All matches take place on the Errant Venture. Games are usually 2v2, although there are some 1v1 games, and rarely, 3v3 and 4v4.


Matches take place on Ecliptical Realms.

Register and then apply to the Rebel Squadrons for each game.