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Note: This page does not contain any course material. This page was used during the creation of the program as a workboard, and now contains only an outline of the actual course material. To take the course, please go to the acad webpage, or contact HeavyD.

The official website for this Academy program can be found here: [1]

XvTED Academy Revision Proposal

  • COM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk, after some personal ideas and a brief readover of the current XvTED Acad course, has decided to revise, update, and expand the current course with intention to provide applicants with a better understanding and more experience with the XvTED program.
  • The majority of this proposal was written before Heavy found the existing XvTED course information and is thus new in the majority of the content, although many parallels will be found, along with some parts taken from the original course in full or in edited form.

Current Stage of Progress

  • Course Levels 1 through 3 have all been written up, reviewed, and edited. Course is available for members to apply.
    • Course Level 2 and 3 pending minor adjustments after first members have taken the course and feedback is collected.
    • Course Level 4 on hold for the time being.
  • Website construction has been completed at VSG website.
    • Course level outlines posted. (exception: Level 4)
    • Considering the addition of "dummy-proofing" links and emails to streamline course.

Academy Outline

The Academy program for XvTED will be broken up into 4 Levels, each consisting of a series of lessons and required outputs/submissions. The Academy will primarily run on basic BoP mission settings and craft, with the option for using only XvT or using BoP with the RS Patch. Preference of the applicant will be taken into account for this.

Level 1: Basics

  • Single Player TRAIN mission
  • Learn the essentials for a basic training style mission
  • Produce 2 separate missions
    • One mission built through lessons
    • Second mission built on own by applicant as final submission

Level 2: Structured

  • Single Player TRAIN mission
  • Learn how to add body and depth to missions
  • Flight group interaction
  • Detailed and Bonus goals
  • Description, briefing, debriefing
  • Messages
  • Produce 2 missions
    • 1st through lessons
    • 2nd on own

Level 3: Advanced

  • Three separate Level 3 courses
    • MP Train/Campaign
    • Melee/Tournament
    • Combat/Battle
  • Learn how to create interconnected missions
  • Learn the set up and parameters necessary for multiplayer missions
  • Create 5 missions plus the accompanying Campaign/Tournament/Battle *.LST file

Level 4: Advanced x2 (Instructor's Course)

  • Learn the XvTED editor inside and out
  • Aid instructors with lower level courses
  • Learn to troubleshoot various fleet level build problems (?)
  •  ???

Level Outlines

Level 1

Lesson 0: Intro

  • Introduce concept of XvTED
  • Give applicants and understanding of important methods and approaches
  • Have applicants produce mission outline/story (very basic) for final submission
  • Assign a number to the applicant (primarily for use in the Rebel.lst file)

Lesson 1: Flight Groups

  • Adding flight groups
  • Modifying flight groups
  • Changing various related parameters

Lesson 2: Map and Waypoints

  • Changing flight group map locations
  • Adjusting/adding waypoints
  • Views and options

Lesson 3: Orders

  • Common orders
  • Understanding order parameters
  • Order progression

Lesson 4: Global Goals

  • Basics
  • Parameters
  • Settings

Level 2

Lesson 1: Motherships

  • Arrival/Departure
  • Related orders
  • Starship orders

Lesson 2: Boarding Targets

  • Capturing objects
  • Repairing craft/objects
  • Cargo operations

Lesson 3: Flight Group Goals

  • FG specific normal goals
  • Bonus goals

Lesson 4: Messages

  • Event triggers
  • Timing
  • Color and/or team recipients

Lesson 5: Briefings

  • Messages/text
  • Animation
  • Timing
  • Tags

Level 3

Lesson 1: Mission Grouping

  • Introduction will be specific to the Level 3 course taken
    • Tours/Campaigns
    • Tournaments
    • Battles

Lesson 2: Multiplayer

  • Balance
  • Orders
  • Player related settings


Depending on the Level 3 course taken, 5 missions of the course specific type are to be built and coordinated into an applicant written and instructor improved storyline (where applicable) and set up the necessary file for XvT/BoP to read and play out the series of missions. Lessons learned from Levels 1 & 2 will be crucial to building and completing the project. The instructor(s) will be available for questions and guidance, as well as testing.

Level 4

  • Apprenticeship
    • Help instructor in teaching Level 1 courses to applicants
      • Only one L1 applicant will be assigned to a L4 applicant
      • Advancement of both applicants is watched and graded by the instructor
      • Instructor takes a BTS role in the instruction of the L1 applicant
  • Troubleshooting exercises
    • Library of missions with built in build errors shall be on hand for instructor to select and assign to L4 applicants for troubleshooting
    • Possible source of afore mentioned missions could be TacOps archives for beta-builds and half-builds from the VSG Tour mission building process
      • Approval with Vaughan (or current LO or TacOps Leader) needed for use of these builds

Lesson Outlines

This section is outdated and has thus been removed.

Those lessons which have been completed are as follows:

  • Level 1 - all lessons (reviewed and updated once)
  • Level 2 - all lessons
  • Level 3: TRAIN/CAMPAIGN - all lessons plus project writeup
  • Level 3: MELEE/TOURNAMENT - all lessons plus project writeup
  • Level 3: COMBAT/BATTLE - all lessons plus project writeup

Those which are yet to be completed:

  • Level 4: all lessons

Current goal is to have Levels 1 and 2 to be reviewed and edited where necessary within the next week or two so that I can start running the program and start getting new builders accustomed to the XvTED program (particularly for squadron and/or fleet level building).

Suggested Rewards for Course Level Completion

Level 1

  • VSG merits for completed missions.
  • 1-2 merits for each mission pending on quality determined by Instructor.
  • XvTED Acad Level 1 ribbon.

Level 2

  • VSG merits for completed missions.
  • 2-3 merits for each mission pending on quality determined by Instructor.
  • XvTED Acad Level 2 ribbon.
  • Recommendation to TacOps as a qualified builder.

Level 3

  • VSG merits for completed missions.
  • 2-4 merits for each mission pending on quality determined by Instructor and peers.
  • Relevant XvTED Acad Level 3 ribbon.
  • Recommendation to TacOps as a qualified and experienced builder.

Level 4

  • XvTED Acad Level 4 ribbon.