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Member Profile
Naesa draw.png
BGN Naesa Draw
Member Information
Full RS NameNaesa Draw
Call SignRed Dagger Two
Current RankBrigadier General
Date JoinedFeb 18, 2007
Current SquadronRed Dagger Squadron
Past Noteworthy PositionsDagger/Red Dagger Commanding Officer
Recruited bySelf-Recruited
Character Information (Fictional)
Status Active Duty Pilot
Height1.8 meters
Weight63 kilograms
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
Personal Information (Real Life)
OccupationIndependent Game Design

Official RS Profile Page, this is mostly some flavor

Prior History

Born on Corellia to a family with a strong CorSec tradition, Naesa was raised with a firm understanding of rights and wrongs, but also knowing when a minor wrong was sometimes needed to prevent a more serious wrong. Following the events of General Crix Madine's defection and the subsequent Imperial occupation of Coronet City, she was discreetly groomed by her grandfather to encourage a resentment of the Empire and eventually introduced to an independent resistance cell. During her time spent with this group, she learned various skills both on the ground and in the air. Following a security breach and forceful dissolution of her cell, she fled Corellia along with her Cathar partner Juvyn Khasi. Over the brief span of time after the escape from their home, the two progressed towards New Republic space and eventually made contact. Following this, Naesa began formal training as an X-Wing pilot and soon after was assigned to the Republic Shield Task Force's Dagger Squadron. Khasi followed her, finding work with the maintainer crew for the squadron.

Her time in the NRSC has overall been very successful, offering years of distinguished service both as a pilot and officer able to both follow and give orders on a small unit scale. She also has previously taken part in irregular operations with Allegiance Battle Group, although not in any prolonged capacity.

Skillsets and Proficiencies

Naesa exhibits a range of abilities outside of her years of flight experience in various atmospheric and aerospace craft. Her time in an semi-independent resistance cell prior to joining the New Republic military, as well as activities with Allegiance Battle Group has given her experience in boots on the ground operations. Along with this, she has a familiarity with accessing and modifying Imperial and civilian data systems. Civilian interests also include the creation of entertainment simulations.

Her piloting qualifications are as follows.

  • Incom Corp T-65C X-Wing (Proficiency)
  • Corellian Engineering Corp YT-2000 Light Freighter (Proficiency)
  • Incom Corp T-16 Airspeeder (Proficiency)
  • KonGar Ship Works ATR-6 assault transport (Basic Training)
  • Personality and Notable Traits

    Naesa is of a generally even temperament, often friendly and welcoming. Other than various minor conduct offences in the earlier years of service (Note: the majority of these were usually misconduct involving her entire squadron, and some were never pressed) she has proven to be a very capable pilot and officer, a large portion of the time being spent either as squadron Executive Officer or eventually Commanding Officer. For psychological reasons, she has recently stepped down from command but still remains cleared to fly as a combat pilot.

    Personal Equipment

    CEC YT-2000 "Blinding Star"

    The transport was formerly property of the Coronet City resistance, since officially registered to Naesa Draw. It features ventral and dorsal turrets as well as various security countermeasures.

    DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

    Custom modified to include a laser targeting module, it is Naesa's sidearm of choice and has seen action during RS sanctioned ground operations.

    E-11 Blaster Carbine

    Weapon of choice for any serious action on the ground, it's unremarkable other than a flat midnight blue coating.


    Predating her involvement with the New Republic, she has since considered it an emblem of her squadron. It is normally sheathed in her flight suit sleeve.

    Stormtrooper Commando Armor

    Obtained through some unusual circumstances during a brief interlude with the ABG, it is rarely used outside of special situations that require extended time in a ground combat mission. It is generally worn as a partial addition, with the chest piece being put on top of her flight suit rather than the stock body suit.