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Retribution Fleet Intelligence (R2F Intel) was a project in the R2F, assigned to Specials Wing. Like PBF's Project Templar, it was a "think tank" that sought to research and develop plans to improve the fleet.

Nichos Katran took over command from Kenal "FoX" Darklighter in March 2002<ref>Retribution Fleet Newsletter (03/01/02), Adam "Vender" Fene, 2002.03.02</ref>. When Nichos was appointed R2F XO on October 14, 2002, he vacated the position and the search for a new CO began<ref>R2F NL 10/14/02, Corran Horn Jr., 2002.10.14</ref>. Dev Azzameen was appointed CO on November 19<ref>R2F NL 11/19/02, Corran Horn Jr., 2002.11.19</ref>. The squadron then began working on R2F fiction, creating crew members and squadrons attached to the R2F's ships (in effect an OOB), and creating a planets database. Dev opted to resign in the beginning of February 2003 and a new CO was once again sought<ref>R2F NL 02/01/03, Corran Horn Jr., 2003.02.02</ref>; Argon Viper stepped up and assumed command.

No mention of R2F Intel exists after March 2003. It's possible that the squadron was disbanded due to inactivity by Licah Fox upon his taking over R2F.


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