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The Officer Training School (OTS), is a postgraduate course offered through the Training Office (more commonly known as the RS Academy). The OTS provides advanced training in leadership and problem-solving techniques that a new or inexperienced member will utilize in current or future command positions. At this time, the Commanding Officer and Primary Instructor of the OTS program is Major General Adam Mieter.


The idea of having a course to help train better officers and leaders in the Rebel Squadrons goes back around the time when the RS Academy was created. Despite of these ideas and attempts, the Officer Training School did not become reality until January of 2007, led by General Petr Margul, but it was without any major success. Shortly after it's opening, the OTS got shut down along with other ongoing courses. In 2008, Brigadier General Eric Reagan and then-Lieutenant Colonel Brig Dolaree started to create a whole new course with the same purpose: to teach new officers about leadership in the RS. The project was put on hold for a few years because of Reagan's and Dolaree's retirement, however shortly after Brig's return in 2011, the course got back on track, and with the help of a handful of respected officers, the OTS reached fruition in May of 2012.


The OTS is designed primarily for newer RS members, although any current member can apply provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Required:
    • Must be an active member of the RS in good standing.
    • Must have successfully completed the Beginner's Path or prior command experience if prospective student joined before the Beginner's Path was implemented.
    • Must be able to devise, in co-ordination with the OTS instructor, a workable schedule for instruction.
      • This requirement is negotiable, as extenuating circumstances such as extreme differences in time zone between instructor and student will be accommodated.
    • Must currently either hold a command level position, or have interest in attaining such a position.

Program Description

The OTS has a fixed duration, which is 1 month. A candidate is expected to finish at least the first Unit during this month, otherwise s/he will be removed from the course roster with an OTS Iron Ribbon.

The bulk of a student's OTS curriculum will be spent using the OTS Cadet's Manual, although the help of an assigned Instructor can be called for anytime during the course. The Cadet's Manual consists of three major Units, with a total of eleven chapters. After each Unit, there is a Test and some other assignment to be done by the candidate, successful completion of these Units will result in reaching different graduation levels. Because of the Units' close connection to each other, a candidate can not start the next Unit until his or her test results came back from the instructor. The minimum point requirement to pass each Unit is 80%.

The OTS Program is designed to improve the following skills:

  • Ability to successfully run, or assist in running, at least a squad level unit in the Rebel Squadrons.
  • Ability to overcome "crisis situations" such as a disruptive or inactive member, a break down in the Chain-of-Command, or other severe problems.
  • How to manage and strengthen the morale and participation of a unit.
  • How to work and function effectively within your chain-of-command and the RS organization as a whole.
  • A basic understanding of different leadership styles and their attending strengths and weaknesses.
  • An understanding of routine duties of unit command, such as newsletters, updates, etc.

How to Apply

Those wishing to enroll in OTS must send an application directly to the current OTS Commanding Officer with the following:

  • Name, Rank and list of current positions held, if any.
  • List of non-RS leadership experience.
  • Future plans for command in the RS.
  • A statement of why you want to enroll in OTS, and how you think it will benefit you.

OTS, due to its specialized nature, can only effectively train a limited number of candidates at any given time. Therefore, the selectivity of the program may fluctuate depending on the number of applicants. The OTS Commanding Officer reserves the right to suspend, defer or deny any application as he/she sees fit.

Hall of Fame: Platinum Graduates