RS XvT Mission Pack

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The RS XvT Mission Pack is a collection of XvT and BoP missions made for the Rebel Squadrons. The pack was created in July 2012 as a way to speed up the process of downloading missions from the Mission Database and getting pilots ready for multiplayer, including systematizing multiplayer mission numbers.

All original filenames and formats have been preserved. There are plans for an undertaking later to convert qualifying SP missions to multiplayer, but in this pack no missions have been edited.


For experienced users

The quick guide to installation is as follows:

  1. Download RS XvT Mission
  2. Backup your current XvT mission directories if you already have custom missions installed (see below for full list of changes in the pack)
  3. Extract the whole .zip file to your X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter directory (probably C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XwingTie\)

Step-by-step guide

For those new to installing custom missions, and have not done so before, follow these steps.

  1. First install XvT and Balance of Power using the CDs, if you haven't already
  2. Download RS XvT Mission, and save to your desktop
  3. Open the .zip file you downloaded
  4. File > Extract All...
  5. Next > Browse... > Find your XvT directory (probably My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > LucasArts > XwingTie). Highlight "XwingTie". Click OK, then Next. The pack will install.
  6. Uncheck "Show extracted files" > Finish
  7. Run XvT or BoP normally. The missions should appear!
  8. Find us on IRC, the forums, or in any other way to fly multiplayer. If you don't have multiplayer capability, you can still talk to other pilots about these missions.


For advanced users, here is what the Mission Pack replaces in the XwingTie directory:

  • BalanceOfPower\BATTLE\mission.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\COMBAT\mission.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\COMBAT\rebel.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\MELEE\mission.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\TRAIN\imperial.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\TRAIN\mission.lst
  • BalanceOfPower\TRAIN\rebel.lst
  • Battle\MISSION.LST
  • Combat\MISSION.LST
  • Combat\REBEL.LST
  • Train\REBEL.LST

All default missions are kept with their original numbering in these .lst files, and then the pack is added according to the numbering scheme below.

The pack installs all missions in "RS" directories, then in subfolders. For example, a mission from RS Tour 4 would be in BalanceofPower\TRAIN\RS\RS Tour 4\.

Missions in the pack

First, a word about the numbering system, since some will want to add their own missions to .lst files. Numbers are designed not to overlap, including different types of missions. Some space has been left for possibly ongoing tours, or tours that might be continued someday. It should be noted that the in-game order of missions is not affected by the numbering system. It only uses vertical placement of missions in the .lst files, which may be non-consecutive. Given the number of discovered missions not yet added to this mission pack, it is inevitable that actual mission numbering will not be ultimately consecutive. However, we may safely say that anything numbered 2000 or higher will be safe from the pack, for purposes of testing one's own missions.

MP designates a multiplayer-capable mission.

RgF Tour 0

RgF Tour 1

RgF 111

These missions were released as a Battle, the only such battle in the pack. They should be flown as single-player as Rebel Battle or Combat. It will appear in multiplayer Battle but should be ignored as only one pilot is permitted per side, and the Imperial side is not developed and has no goals.

RgF Tour 2

RgF Tour 2 Substitutes

RgF Tour 3

RgF Tour 4

RS Tour 1

RS Tour 2

RS Tour 3 (XvT Retro Tour)

RS Tour 4: Return to Subterrel

VSG Summer Ladder

RgF Operation Zodiac Tour 0

RgF Operation Zodiac Tour 1

RgF Operation Zodiac Simulators

RgF Operation Avoton

  • 536 MP Avoton 101: Routine Scanning
  • 537 MP Avoton 102: Forging an Alliance

Defense Operations Wing Tour 0

These missions were released as Combat. They can be flown multiplayer, but should be flown only from the Rebel side.

Defense Operations Wing Tour 1

  • 551 DOW 101 (Note: only fly on Medium or Hard)
  • 552 DOW 102 (Note: only fly on Medium or Hard)
  • 553 DOW 103

Defense Operations Wing Tour 2

Defense Operations Wing Tour 3

Note: Voice files not included in mission pack, but can be downloaded here

Dragon TOD 1 (BoP version)

Dragon TOD 1 (XvT version)

Note: Same tour, but with BoP-only ships swapped out for original XvT substitutes. The pack includes both versions, and choice of XvT or BoP at launch will determine which Dragon tour appears.

RgF Academy Missions

Omitted original missions added

During the course of creating the pack, five mission files were found that ship with XvT and BoP but are not included in any .lst file. These are as follows, with newly given .lst numbers in parentheses.

  • BoP Melee (33): 4 Deuces vs. 4 Deuces (Note: seems to have been intended to be flown in TIE Defenders, but uses T/A)
  • BoP Melee (34): Four On Four Plus One? (Note: seems to have been intended to be flown in B-Wings, but uses Y-W)
  • XvT Melee (35): Anti-Warhead Defense for Two-Man Teams
  • XvT Rebel Training, 2 Players (37): TIE Fighter Interdiction
  • XvT Rebel Training, 8 Players (38): Turkey Shoot

Additionally, the BoP .lst files are modified in the pack to unlock all BoP campaign missions and fighter challenges, in effect unlocking up to 30 new training and 20 new melee missions.