Allegiance Battle Group

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Allegiance Battle Group
General Information
Leader Fleet Admiral Cyrel Vandroth
Headquarters Bethlamore
Locations Baphomet System
Historical Information
Founding 6 June 2002
Reorganization 5 May 2011
Other Information

The Allegiance Battle Group, or ABG, is the primary roleplaying group of the Rebel Squadrons. Currently led by Fleet Admiral Cyrel Vandroth, the ABG uses a modified version of the D6 Roleplaying system for dice-based simming, but also does some freeform. The main information for the ABG is in the ABG category where you can find more in depth information.

The current storyline focuses on the adventures of Sentinel Company's 5th Platoon, Alpha Squadron, and their contributions to the RS.

In-Universe Information

The Allegiance Battle Group is a task force, led by Jedi Master Morrigan Killia, of the main Rebel Squadrons fleet. Their mission is to defend the Baphomet system and the rest of Rebel Squadrons-held space from hostile incursions. They make their base out of a Golan III platform, known as Baphomet Command, which orbits over Bethlamore.

For a listing of the larger space forces available to the Allegiance Battle Group, consult the ABG Order of Battle.


The Rebel Squadrons' Simulations and Role-Playing Division, once known as Allegiance Wing, has been around since the dawn of the organization. Founded a while back as the Jedi Knights, a group who simmed against various of the old Rebel Squadron's enemies, it disappeared until it resurfaced under many different titles but still under the same concept. Though several leaders has passed through the hallowed halls of the Sim Division's Command Center, it still remains to be an integral part of the Rebel Squadrons serving as a home to those die-hard fans of Star Wars Role-Players.

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