Abi Ocopaqui

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Abi Ocopaqui
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia (Coronet City)
Date of birth 11:4:24 (32 years old)
Physical description
Species Twi'lek
Gender Female
Height 2.03 metres
Weight 63.64 kilograms
Eye colorViolet
Distinguishing features Light blue skin colour
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Commander
Titles Bounty Hunter, Vanguard_Fleet XO

Standard Mission Load-out by Location

  • Black two-piece climate controlled body glove
  • Purple and White Padded Battle Armor
Right Ear:
  • Commlink Earbud
    • Linked to SoroSuub Hush-98 Commlink in belt
  • SoroSuub Hush-98 Commlink
  • 6 small hypospray filled with Synoxin
  • 4 vials of liquid Synoxin
  • Two small shaped breeching chargers
  • Emergency Rations
  • Folding Grappling Hook and SyntheRope Dispenser
  • Small Glow Rod
  • Two Merr-Sonn C-14 Stun Grenades
  • 4 Spare Power Packs
  • Set of Lockpicks
  • Pair of Remote Audio Pickups (Linked to Hush-98 Commlink)
  • Culcavis Microinstruments Tagger
  • TaggeCo MagnaCuffs
  • Hunt ID
  • New Republic ID
  • Imperial ID
Right Hip:
  • Merr-Sonn BSD-33 Scatter Pistol

YT-2400 New Dawn

New Dawn
Production information
Class Modified YT-2400 light freighter
Technical specifications
Length 22 metres
Width 26.7 metres
Maximum speed (space) 90 MGLT
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 1000 km/h
Engine unit(s)

  • 3 Kuat Systems Engineering A-8X Engines
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 0.62
  • Backup Class 10
Hyperdrive system Modified YHi-120 Augmented Hyperdrive
Shielding Armek 'Plasma Web' shield generators
Countermeasures Sensor Decoy Launcher

  • 2 Double Gyrhil R-9x Laser Cannons
  • 2 Concussion Missile Launchers
Crew 1
Passengers 6
Cargo capacity 70 metric tonnes
Other systems Sensor Stealth systems
Affiliation New Republic
Known owner(s) Abi Ocopaqui
Known commander(s) Abi Ocopaqui
Craft: Modified YT-2400 Corellian Freighter
Type: Stock Light Freighter
Length: 22 Meters
  • 2 Double Gyrhil R-9x Laser Cannons
  • 2 Concussion Missile Launchers
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 90 MGLT
Cargo Capacity: 70 Metric Tons
Passengers: 6

The YT-2400 New Dawn has been heavily modified to fill it's owner's role as a Bounty Hunting ship. The cargo hold of the vessel has been modified and has three acquisition chambers, force shielded pods used in holding captured prisoners, a small but well equipped medical station with pods coded to both voice lock as well as biometric scanners. The ship has many hidden onboard security measures in the event of a prisoner escape.

Abi took advantage of the YT-2400's adaptability, taking her ship to Kuat Drive Yards for a major overhaul prior to the destruction of the first Death Star. The standard engines were replaced with three Kuat Systems Engineering A-8X Engines. A modified YHi-120 Augmented Hyperdrive gives the New Dawn a Class 0.62 hyperdrive, which is significantly faster than most military vessels, which are either Class One or Class Two. Powerful Armek 'Plasma Web' shield generators, an illegal sensor stealth system and turret mounted Gyrhil R-9x Laser Cannons make the New Dawn a formidable ship that can outrun and outgun many ships of the same size.

The co-pilot seat has been removed and replaced with a Kuat Systems Engineering R-9 Military Droid Interface. Abi's R3 Unit has been her co-pilot and gunner since she first purchased the New Dawn.

On-board Armaments

  • Merr-Sonn BSP-33 Scatter Pistol
  • Merr-Sonn Model 434 'Death Hammer'
  • Merr-Sonn IR5 'Intimidator'
  • Merr-Sonn 'Power' 5
  • BlasTech T-6 'Thunderer' Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Merr-Sonn Model Q2 Hold Out Blaster
  • Merr-Sonn Model B22 'Imperial'
  • Merr-sonn Model J1 'Happy Suprise'
  • BlasTech 500 'ESPO' Riot Gun
  • BlasTech DLT-20a Blaster Rifle
  • BlasTech Firespray DL-87 Stun Rifle
  • BlasTech E-11/F
  • N'Gant-Zarvel 9118 Heavy Carbine
  • SoroSuub Firelance Blaster Rifle
  • Merr-Sonn LD-1a Target Blaster Rifle
  • SoroSuub X-45 Sniper Rifle
  • PraxArms Protector PRP-502 Hold Out Shooter
  • Malaxan Firepower Inc FWG-5 Fletchette Smart Pistol
  • Merr-Sonn GL-11sa Grenade Launcher
  • Pacnerval Defense Systems Limited Sil-50 Sonic Pistol
  • 3 Cases Czerka Spore/B Stun Grenades
  • 3 Cases Merr-Sonn C-14 Stun Grenades
  • 3 Cases Merr-Sonn C-20 Glop Grenades
  • Mobquet Flare-S Swoop


Abi Ocopaqui was born to a textiles merchant in Coronet City on Corellia. Her mother died giving birth. As a child, her father had a spice addiction problem, and declining business prior to the Clone Wars coupled with his expensive addiction quickly put him into massive debt.

Unable to pay his debt, her father gave her as payment to the spice dealer. He then sold her to Crime Lord Kyran Silene, who raised her as a servant, and later as a dancing girl.

Abi grew up knowing nothing except the inside of Silene's compound, and as she grew her job became less and less that of a servant and more of a dancing girl. She was constantly used for both Silene's entertainment, as well as that of his guests.

When she was 17, Abi choked Silene to death and escaped with a decent pile of his credits. She was bitter at life for dealing her such a poor hand. She quickly joined a mercenary group, and after a while of gaining experience she struck out to become a Bounty Hunter.

She apprenticed under a number of bounty hunters who quickly taught her the lessons of being a good hunter. After completing her first solo hunt, she earned her Hunt status within the Bounty Hunter's Guild and struck out on her own.

After a series of successful Hunts, Abi purchased the New Dawn and her droid, ArThree. The beginnings of the Rebellion against the Empire was good for business, as both sides were offering decent bounties for what seemed to Abi to be easy collection.

But her focus in targets were pirates, spice dealers and slavers. She held a resentment against Silene and her father, whom she assumed was dead.

On one such hunt, she ended up Hunting a pirate, Halyn Jessik, who had been forced into service with the Rebellion, as Halyn Lance. Their interactions during the hunt convinced Abi to join the Rebellion.

She quickly joined up with Vanguard, and served as both a skillful pilot as well as a successful solo commando, using her Hunt status as cover. She served in many battles, and even worked in the defense of the development of the RZ-1 project.

As the war wound down and the New Republic was founded, Abi left the service to pursue bounty opportunities being placed on Imperial Officers.



Former Positions