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The Rebel Squadrons Academy (RSA)

  • The Academy is the first stop for new RS members to get familiar with the RS and have the basic knowledge necessary to participate in the RS activities they are interested in.
  • The Academy will provide post-graduate training to improve the skills of RS members.

Command Staff

The complete Academy staff list can be found here.

Code Of Conduct


The Instructors are here to help the new Cadets first and foremost, but are also here to assist the CO of the Academy, since the CO can't do everything by himself/herself. They are to be in constant contact with the Cadets under their designated divisions, as well as reporting to the CO to ensure that nobody is being left unattended. Emails should be sent out to Cadets by their primary instructor WEEKLY, preferably on a Sunday or Monday. The CO of the Academy will send out bi-weekly emails to the Academy as s/he sees fit, on Fridays or Saturdays.

When discussing matters of the Academy, through email or other chat client, both the CO AND the instructors will act professionally and civilly to each other. If the instructors can not, or simply refuse to act accordingly, they will be issued a warning. After 2 warnings, they will be removed from their position on the third offense.

There will be bi-weekly progress reports by email on the 1st and 16th of every month for everyone who has a Cadet under their supervision, even if it just a message to say that progress is slow moving. Failure to report-in 3 times, will result in the removal of the instructor, unless previous notification is given.


The Cadets are here to learn how we do things. You may do this at your leisure, however, you still need to check in once in a while. You need to send an email to your PI once a week, even if it is just "I'm alive; I've been busy." No communication for two weeks in a row from a BP Cadet will result in marking the Cadet as AWOL and the placement of the Cadet on the "Dispositional" list, where they will have one more week to restore contact before being removed from the Academy entirely and being marked as "Reserve".

At the completion of your BP (or at the majority of completion), you will be sent a 6 question survey to fill out. This should take about 2 minutes, at most. The only person this will be emailed to and read by is the CO of the Academy and potentially the Fleet Commander. The purpose is to let us know if we were helpful to you and what we can potentially improve.


The Academy is separated into Training Departments which are supervised by the Academy Command Staff. The Academy Command Staff is led by the Training Officer/Academy Commanding Officer. Training Departments will host post-graduate courses for their field of activity. A Training Department is supervised by the Commanding Officer/Command Staff of each respective department. The Training Department instructors will be in charge of leading and evaluating 'students' in the course(s) the instructor will be teaching.

Field of Activity

The basic element in the Academy are courses. The FoA of these courses could be split up into:

  • RS general basic training
  • Game specific training - basic/advanced
  • RS general advanced training
  • RS specific advanced training


Academy courses are designed to teach you something new, or let you demonstrate your proficiency if you already know the material.

A list of currently available courses can be found at Academy courses.

Training Departments (TDs)

The name "Training Department" will be used to indicate that we are talking about the wings of the Academy.

Beginner's Path (BP)

The Beginner's Path serves as first to-do thing in the RS for new members. It gives an idea of the features a RS member can use on and makes it possible for a new member to earn their 1st promotion quickly.
Once a new member joins the RS s/he will be placed into the New Member's Section, contacted and supervised by one of the Primary Instructors.

Primary Instructors

Primary Instructors will assist new RS members to achieve the 2LT promotion through the BP. Primary Instructors should be dedicated and informed RS members with knowledge of (or willing to learn) what is going on in the various RS units, and the ability to respond to e-mails within 24 hours. Due to the nature of this position, it will be expected that a Primary Instructor marks himself/herself LOA if s/he is going to be offline for more than 48 hours. Futhermore, a Primary Instructor will be expected to have a presence on IRC and/or Xfire as much as RL permits in order to respond to new members questions.

Fictional Background

The Academy is located on the planet of Tarsonis in the Greeop system. The location should provide a variety of plot lines/background to introduce new members' characters fictionally into the RS.

For Reference: Existing Proposals

Proposals to be used in the RSA with slight variations:

The Historical Academy

The RS Academy was a fleet that existed from 1997 to May, 2003. The Academy, not surprisingly, served as the entry point into the RS for many years. All new members entered the Academy as Cadets, were trained in an Undergraduate Wing, and then graduated into the Fleet of their choice as full-fledged members. The Academy was also home to several Graduate instruction wings, which provided more specialized training in such disciplines as custom mission creation.

Former COs include Castor Efrata-Landis (founder), Jake Blues, Matt "Stallion" Williams (who led it twice, and was the last CO, voting to disband it) and Eric Reagan.

For proposals of 2006 to revive the Academy, see Academy proposal.

Historical Academy's website:

Historical Academy's fictional background