Ace Farlander

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Ace Farlander
Biographical information
Homeworld Agamar
Date of birth 15:4:5 (29 years old)
Family Anett Chroik (mother), Jixx (father), Jedi Master Quarn (paternal grandfather)
Physical description
Species Human (Agamarian)
Gender Male
Height 1.803 metres
Weight 68.04 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorHazel
Distinguishing features Fair Skin, tone build
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Brigadier General, PBF-Top Ace, R2F-Ace
Titles Rebel Squadrons Assistant Logistics Officer, Gold Squadron Executive Officer

Ace is a Brigadier General, Jedi Knight and all around good guy.

  • Member of Rebel Squadrons since 24 OCT 1996.
  • Joined Grey Squadron initially and has been in many other squadrons since
  • Native of Agamar.
  • Current Positions:

Jedi Heritage

Low resolution image of the Farlander Family lightsabers, extending back to Ace's Great x5 Grandfather.

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