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Rebel Squadrons (RS) members use acronyms - abbreviations for longer words or phrases - to save time while communicating. Those new to the Rebel Squadrons, or one of its units, may not know certain acronyms used by members.

This article is a guide to every acronym you may come across in the Rebel Squadrons.

Note: On this wiki, acronyms are generally placed in parentheses (like this) after the full phrase; for an example, see the first few words of this article.

General terms




Ranks (from lowest to highest)

Other organizations


Past units

Historical terms for items no longer active in the RS

Chat or instant messaging

  • lol = laughing out loud
  • heh : (not an acronym per se, but an expression of amusement)
  • wb = welcome back
  • ttyl = talk to you later
  • omg = oh my God (or, oh my gosh)
  • wtf = what the f***
  • stfu = shut the f*** up
  • rofl = rolling on (the) floor laughing
  • lmao = laughing my ass off
  • ftw = for the win
  • OMGWTFBBQ!! = omg wtf barbeque: an exclamation that indicates more surprise than any other acronym

See for a complete reference.

Multiplayer gaming

Before the match:

  • gl = good luck
  • hf = have fun
  • glhf = good luck, have fun
  • mtfbwy = May the Force be with you.

After the match:

Rebel Squadrons units


  • TD = Training Department (equivalent of a wing on the Academy roster)
  • PI = Primary Instructor; PIoD = Primary Instructor on Duty
  • UG = Undergrad or Undergraduate
  • PG = Postgrad or Postgraduate
  • UGI = Undergrad Instructor

Vanguard Fleet (RSPA)

For internal RSPA ranks, please see the VF (RSPA) rank guide.