Adam "Vender" Fene

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Member Profile
Adam Fene
Career Information
Callsign Vender
Full RS Name Adam "Vender" Fene
A.K.A. Jay
Rank Rear Admiral
Join Unknown
Current Status Reserve
Current Station Patriot Starfighter Group
Other Current Positions RS Grey 2
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 26
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location USA
Age 26

Rear Admiral Adam "Vender" Fene is a reserve member of the RS who has been R2F CO, IBG CO, and PBF CO. He also led several projects at the Wing and Squadron levels, and served in most of the RS's fleets at one time or another.


  • Current rank: Rear Admiral, Guardian
  • Position: Grey 5, RS
  • Medals: A LOT of them. Really.
  • Starfighter: Crosshair (X-Wing)


Not available.

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