Adam Mieter

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Member Profile
Adam Mieter
Career Information
Callsign Fedora
Full RS Name Adam Mieter
Rank Major General
Join November 9th, 2006
Current Status Reserve
Current Station ISD Redemption
Past Positions of note Red Dragon CO, Assistant PC XvT & XWA, VSG SO/XO, RS MO, OTS CO
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Tatooine
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 1.78m
Weight 60kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Adam Z. Meizner
Gender Male
Location Hungary
Age 26
Occupation Enlisted soldier

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons, formerly the Task Force's Medal Officer. He was the now disbanded Vigilance Starfighter Group's (former IBG and RgF) last Executive Officer.



Adam "Fedora" Mieter was born on the planet Tatooine into a medium-class family. His father is a mechanic/engineer, working for a small repairing company called "Vibrocut-Ted" in Mos Eisley. At the age of 6, Adam begun to tinker with an old and abandoned Z-95 Headhunter at his father's workplace (he was barely allowed in there, and many little adventures came out of this fact). His mechanical skills were much better than the average, and Tomaas saw that his younger son could be an excellent engineer in time. Adam managed to repair the starfighter (he was 9 at that time), causing general amusement to his family and his father's collegues. Not much is known about his childhood though.

When he was 18, he joined the Rebellion, and achieved the rank of Flight Cadet, Unrated Pilot. His training took place aboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Independence, where he spent months in various crafts flying the Pilot Proving Ground, and historical missions. Adam soon proved that he's a professional pilot in an A-Wing, because early in his training he managed to beat all levels of the PPG, thus earning the A-Wing Flight Badge. The award was given to him by his family's friend, who served the Alliance as a colonel that time; probably that's why he named his starfighter later to "The Colonel". After serving one year aboard the CRS Liberty, he joined the Task Force Republic Shield (or the so-called Rebel Squadrons) in the Greeop system. There he volunteered to be a member of the Intrepid Battle Group, and after a training session in the Marshall Squadron (and after achieving the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade), he had been moved to the Red Dragon Squadron as Red Dragon 3. Soon he fought in the Battle of Blerthmore, and it nearly cost his life, as he was shot down by three TIE Interceptors simultaneously. Fortunately, the ejection seat worked, and after 2 days in a bacta tank he was revitalized. For his achievements within the Task Force he had been promoted to Second Lieutenant, Certified Pilot.

Because the mothership of the Red Dragon Squadron has been blown up in the Battle of Blerthmore, he and his squad were moved to the Imperial Star Destroyer Redemption (more information about this ship can be found in the Order of Battle). The whole flight wing was rearranged, thus Mieter's new position within the freshly established Vigilance Starfighter Group's Red Dragon Squadron came out to be Scarlet Flight, Red Dragon 6. After a recon mission, where he successfully gathered invaluable information about the Imperial invasion force, Adam had been promoted by his Squadron CO, Rear Admiral Gavin Cantorph Kravis, to First Lieutenant, Marksman 4th Class. With the new rank came a new position: Mieter has registered to the Logistics Office. After a hard month full of work, Adam was recognized by his deeds in the Logistics Office, and for that, Vice Admiral Tyrell Borran gave him a Merit Commendation. There wasn't much time to celebrate, though: Mieter had a dangerous mission to complete. A mission that required both luck and fighting experience. Adam was fresh out of luck, and the TIE Fighter he flew was hit in the battle. Both engines of the fighter were damaged, so Mieter expected certain death, but that wasn't the case. After the reinforcements arrived, and after the battle was over, Adam became a Marksman 2nd Class, and shortly afterwards he got a promotion to the rank of Captain.

Mieter took a vacation for two months on Tarsonis, and in other places as well. He flew back to Tatooine to see his family again, and to relax a bit. After the LOA period has been ended, he took another assignment: to hunt down some supplies and convoy crafts, thus making a diversion at the Maxite Belt. His part of mission wasn't succesful though, because the B-Wing Mieter had to fly with has been broken down on the way to the second objective. Right after his arrival to his mothership, Adam had taken various jobs from the Logistics Office, and soon he had been awarded with a Merit Commendation by Commodore David Vaughan. Afterwards, he has been offered to be the Executive Officer of the Red Dragon Squadron, which Adam accepted gladly. His flying number was changed to Red Dragon 5.

The war in the Subterrel sector has come to an end. The Rebels came out victorius from the battle, but their losses were great. Still, those pilots, soldiers who have survived these horrible times, gathered up and held an End of Tour Celebration. For being an excellent Executive Officer, Adam has been promoted to the rank of Major, Marksman 1st Class, and was awarded with the Dauntless Combat Citation and the Tour of Duty Pin for his bravery and success in the fight against the remnants of the Empire.

The next few months were relaxing to Adam, with only two battle missions (both a success), and a lot of administrative work in the Logistics Office. With the permanent leave of the former Logistics Officer, David Vaughan, a horde of new problems and projects emerged, which had to be solved quickly. Adam has been assigned to gather and organize data about all of the starships, both friendly and enemy, from the Republic Shield's past missions. The majority of that data was processed, with the outstanding help of the new Logistics Officer, David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk. Rear Admiral Sienn Sconn, the RS Fleet Commander promoted Adam Mieter to Lieutenant Commander, Veteran 4th Class, for his efforts to help the Task Force in those critical times.

As months passed, the work needed to be done in Logistics was less and less every day. As Mieter's Squadron Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Brig Dolaree stepped down, Adam became the new CO of the Red Dragons. He appointed a freshly graduated officer, then-Second Lieutenant AC Black to be his Executive Officer. Another pilot was sent over from Patriot Starfighter Group to reinforce his unit, namely Ta'Re Djo, an ever-serious female from the planet Dathomir. Almost immediately after that, imperials and pirates popped up in the surrounding sectors, which lead to two missions: to recover an X-Wing, and to destroy an imperial shipyard. He had to split the squadron, leading the second group to the shipyard. After a tough fight, which rendered his A-Wing almost unusable, the mission was a success, getting Adam to the rating of Veteran 3rd Class. It was discovered that the day was far from over, as Colonel Richo gave out another order: to track and hunt down an imperial patrol. The mission seemed simple enough, since they were flying the recently 'recovered' TIE Advanceds, one of the most powerful starfighter of the Imperial Navy. All hell broke loose when the squad headed home, since they got pulled out of hyperspace by an imperial Interdictor, guarded by swarms of Interceptors and Advanceds, and Adam was the first who got shot down in the upcoming madness. With exemplary bravery, then-Major Ta'Re Djo saved Mieter from certain death, and a day later he was mostly recovered. For his outstanding achievements within a few days, Adam got promoted to the rank of full Commander, Veteran 2nd Class, and later on he got involved in High Command itself: Lieutenant General Kirghy Lommax offered him the position of an Alderman.

Since he couldn't fly until he got fully recovered, Adam went back to his logistics duties. He worked hard for a long time, chewing through thousands of data chunks, and, while testing the security system, he discovered a critical security issue, which could've caused quite a lot of trouble if left unfixed. Since it was a sensitive information, he wanted to tell as few people as he could. Using his recent initiation to High Command, the issue was solved swiftly and discretely; this act of selfless service made Adam a Lieutenant Colonel surprisingly quick, along with a higher award, the Alvace Star.

After more than three years spent in the Command Staff of Red Dragon Squadron, Adam finally stepped down as Commanding Officer due to his other duties in the Task Force, giving the CO's seat back to Lieutenant Colonel Brig Dolaree, shortly after Brig's return to the Rebel Squadrons. For his long-lasting service in both the Task Force and the Red Dragons, Adam got promoted to full Colonel by Fleet Commander Kirghy Lommax, along with a prestigious award, the Distinguished Service Cross.

Two years later, after a promotion to Brigadier General by Admiral Joshua Hawkins, and another promotion to Major General by General Damon Lightwind (both of them served as Fleet Commanders at the time), and after receiving numerous combat decorations, including the highly coveted Endor Victory Citation, Adam Mieter resigned his commission and returned to his family on Tatooine. The reason he put in his resignation letter was: "I have seen enough death for a while, of both friends and foes. I'd like to be surrounded by life for a change."


To see Mieter's personal medals case, click here.

Distinguished Service CrossEndor Victory CitationRS Top Squadron6-Year Service MedalAlvace StarGallant Combat CitationHeroic Combat Citation
Dauntless Combat CitationBeginner's Path Master AwardCitation of VictoryMerit CommendationBeyond Belief MedalBlerthmore Vigilant's MedalTour of Duty Pin
Operational Development PinOTS Founder's CoinAcademy Command Staff Medal

Redemption Cup Righteous Indignation Cup

Flown Missions

  • Codename: VSG 101A - Shore leave on Tarsonis (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 102A - Searching for the enemy (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 103A - Our new base of operations (Failed)
  • Codename: VSG 104A - Supplies and diversion (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 106A - Infiltrate enemy (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 110A - Diversion at the Maxite Belt (Failed)
  • Codename: RS 201A - Tarsonis patrol (Failed)
  • Codename: RS 202A - Search for the pirates (Success)
  • Codename: RS 203A - Straight flush (Success)
  • Codename: RS 204A - Cleaning the house (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 301A - Convoy strike (Failed)
  • Codename: VSG 302A - Shipyard strike (Failed)
  • Codename: VSG 303A - Attack Imperial Convoy (Success)
  • Codename: VSG 304A - TIE Defender Rendezvous (Failed)
  • Codename: VSG 306A - Destroy the SSD Tyrannic (Failed)
  • Codename: VSG 306B - New Base of Operations (Success)
  • Codename: RS 307A - Protect Supply Convoy (Failed)

Adam Mieter's personal killboard can be viewed here.


Cat and Mouse, (44:4:11)

Miscellaneous information

Adam's uniform while serving aboard the CRS Liberty. He achieved the rank of Flight Officer there, but because of the different training requirements and the lack of that rank's usage in the TFRS, he transferred as Cadet.

This is Adam's old uniform, right before the new uniforms were implemented.

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