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An Alderman is a Voting Member of High Command who is selected by the Fleet Commander to provide input on ideas and proposals that effect the Rebel Squadrons as a whole.


alderman (awl-der-muhn)[[1]]
–noun, plural -men.
a member of a municipal legislative body, esp. of a municipal council.[[2]]


The Aldermen of High Command do not represent a fleet, but are rather supposed to think in terms of the welfare of the RS as a whole. They contribute to discussions on HC, make proposals designed to streamline the operations of the RS and improve it as a club in general, and vote on all matters that come up on the council.


Ever since former-FC Super created High Command in 1996, the Voting Members of the council were always and only the CO's of the fleets. In August 2006, FC Licah Fox proposed the creation of three Aldermen, who would bring RS-wide perspective to HC and vote on the council even though they were not CO of a fleet. HC accepted the proposal, and the Alderman system was born. The first three Aldermen selected were Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Cody Qel-Droma, and Sienn Sconn.

List of members who have served as aldermen

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