Alec Jaggers

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Alec Jaggers is a member of the Aurora Force. He has served as Squadron CO for Avalanche Squad, Sun Tzu Corps, and Blood Squad and Wing CO for Backlash Squad and XO for Distant Past. He founded both Sun Tzu Corps and Slacker Squadron.

Alec is the eldest son of a smuggler family operating out of Nar Shaddaa. At the age of sixteen his family was captured by Imperial forces during a smuggling run. His parents were killed while he and two of his brothers were sent to Imperial military acadamies, his sister and one other brother escaped the Imperials and eventually joined the Rebellion. Alec was indoctrinated by the Empire and served as first a TIE fighter pilot and later, after surviving a record number of fighter wrecks, as a Stormtrooper. He eventually left the Empire, taking with him the life savings of several of his superiors. He returned to smuggling and pirating, helping to found the Cavrilhu pirates before being betrayed by them. Left to die in a crippled starship, he was rescued by a former commander of the Royal Guard named Kach Tierde. Kach took Alec to Wild Space where he was trained by the Sinath to become a master swordsman and martial artist. Returning to known space, Alec contacted his sister and, with her help, joined the Rebellion. He was transferred to Aurora Force, Backlash Wing near the end of the Grassus campaign. Alec served with distinction in various campaigns from Grassus through the Conceli missions. At the end of the Conceli missions Alec was accused of war crimes following the destruction of Indio during his campaign to liberate the city from Imperial control. Unwilling to face trial, Alec fled the Aurora Force and founded a new fleet dedicated to engaging the Empire in purely military operations, attacking only military forces with no intent of attempting to liberate planets. This 'Blue Griffon' fleet was eventually defeated by Aurora Force's Backlash Wing. Escaping the destruction of his fleet, Alec was eventually convinced to join Grand Admiral Thrawn and once more fought the Aurora Force at Ketaris. After the Imperial defeat at Ketaris, Alec retreated with his new Blue Griffon fleet to consider his next actions. Alec was subverted by Darth Ispa and set to hunt down and kill Jedi (a role similar to the one Thrawn had originally intended for him as well). He opposed this Force-compulsion and decided to return to the Aurora Force. Much of his fleet opposed this action and a battle broke out when Alec pressed the issue. Alec managed to retreat to the Aurora Force-held world of Xenen with three intact vessels- the ISD II Ancalagon, a Victory-class Star Destroyer, and the Action V transport Rolling Stones.