Alexander Vandross

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Member Profile
Alexander Vandross
Career Information
Callsign Tigerwolf
Full RS Name Alexander Vandross
A.K.A. CMDRAlex, soloally, Tigerwolf327
Rank Commander
Join No Data
Current Status Active
Current Station MC80a Windstorm
Other Current Positions Blue 7, PBF
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Earth
Species Human (Mutant)
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair color Dark Blonde
Eye color Hazel/Blueish
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location USA
Age 21

Alexander Vandross (or just Alexander) is a very active pilot, when he's around. He is the R2F XO and Blue CO. Unfortunately, he often has problems accessing the internet due to a variety of reasons, so he's not always around to grace us with his high activity. He also plays SWG.


  • Current rank: Commander, Top Ace
  • Position: Blue 7, PBF
  • Medals: A LOT of them. Really.
  • Starfighter: Blue Lightning (X-Wing)


These weird blue men took me from the planet, Earth, enslaved me, for only 1 month, and then I was none other than Han Solo himself........... While en route to Solo's Suite on Coruscant, we encountered pirates, calling themselves the Merciless Horde. They had two Star Destroyers, manned by crews of less than ten (we were tractored in, of course).

While fighting them, we took out their entire squad of Z-95s, restored A-Wings, and Y-WIngs. It was fairly simple manning the Millennium Falcon's quad guns, and of course flying when Han had to fix the shield generator (Almost got a laser right into the viewport). But we managed. Then, after knocking the generators off the Beast of Prey's towers, nearly blowing up, after shooting the missiles into it's bridge and portside, we were tractored in by the Intrepid, an older Star Destroyer, as beat up as the Falcon was.

Once inside, the task was easy. Only ten guys with repeaters and blasters? For Han Solo, it was "no problem. Chewie and me got through a lot worse........" It wasn't hard for me, seeing as I played alot of good gun simulators. I just wasn't used to the kick of a heavy blaster, like his stash of Blastech DL-44's were. (I always wanted Colt .45's, but it's illegal since the 1900's, back on Earth, as I was only 17 when I was taken away. The legal age for hanguns there is 21..)

Anywho, I have the Intrepid now, and I joined Draco Squadron.After a little under three years being away from Draco and the rest of Chin'Tal Wing. The Intrepid and I have been delivering needed supplies throughout the past year, along with Booster Terrik. We've done a bit of taking Jedi Students back and forth to their families, (When they were along the way). Boy is Luke Skywalker great or what? I got to make myself a lightsaber, which looks like his, only with a blue crystal. And I learned how to use it. I'm almost as good as him, but it's best for him to be best anyway, as he is the teacher, and I'm the learner.

I heard that Wes Janson himself, along with Wedge Antilles, flew the A-Wings that saved Wookie Slaves from the Intrepid and her TIE squadrons, before the Battle of Yavin. They single handedly damaged the Intrepid, just before escaping with the Wookies.