Allegiance Battle Group New Member Information

This page is intended to be a reference for members new to the Allegiance Battle Group. Expect page content to be updated over time. Much of the information here is contained in the ABG Manual, but is rephrased for clarity.

ABG Basics

The Allegiance Battle Group is dedicated to d6 roleplaying games. Members create characters who are later played in sims, roleplaying sessions that multiple characters participate in. Because of its roleplaying game nature, the ABG uses dice to moderate the outcome of events during a sim.

The basic reference for each character is their Character Sheet, which details all of the information needed for a character to participate in a sim. Since the ABG can be very character-driven, members are encouraged to come up with a personality and backstory for their character, so that they can interact better with others instead of simply being "numbers on a page".

The dice mechanics of the ABG are explained on the ABG Mechanics page.

Types of Sim

The basic unit of ABG gaming is called a "sim". There are several types of sim, which have different uses.

Standard Sims

Standard sims are the bread and butter of the ABG. They are moderated by a Game Master and have a specific storyline, with a number of objectives for the player characters to complete. Sim rewards (such as character points, learning increments and other rewards as decided by the Game Master running the sim) can be given for standard sims.

Character Sims

Character sims, commonly called charsims, are run so player characters have a chance to interact with each other outside of standard sims. Character sims represent "downtime" between standard sims, the things characters do when they're not on missions. While charsims are not moderated by a Game Master, the characters will still receive some sim rewards; two Character Points and one learning increment per charsim.

Other Sim Types

Upgrade sims are less properly "sims". Upgrade sims are supervised by a Senior Game Master or higher, and are an opportunity for players to spend Character Points to upgrade their character's stats.

Training sims are a type of standard sim where the characters are gathered specifically to train a certain skill. If a character participates in a training sim for a skill they are training, they receive two learning increments, rather than one.

Marathon sims are a special type of standard sim that runs continuously for twelve or more hours. Because of the dedication needed to participate in the full run of a marathon sim, additional awards are often given for completing one, such as ABG Merit Points.


Here is a glossary of important terms that are commonly used in the Allegiance Battle Group.

  • ABG: A common acronym for the Allegiance Battle Group.
  • Game Master: An ABG official who moderates the storyline of a standard sim. More information is given on the ABG Mechanics page.
  • Player character: A character controlled by an ABG member ("player"), rather than by a Game Master.