Anshife system

SYSTEM NAME: Anshife system
STAR NAME: Anshife (Dormant star)
AGE: 4 billion years
GOVERNMENT: Rebel Squadrons/New Republic

The Anshife System is located conveniently midway through the Cadrel Expanse, which would have made it an excellent temporary base for repairs between battles. Unfortunately, the fact that the sole star of the system is dormant and that no planet on the system is capable of life rather limited the system's usefulness in this regard. The Anshife System is, however, of utmost interest to both New Republic scientists and industrialists alike. The scientists seek answers from the silent geological wonders of the system, and the industrialists seek to exploit the vast untouched natural reserve of minerals.

The following sections provide the physical and social characteristics for each of the significant planetary bodies in the Anshife System:


Orbit One

Orbit Two

Orbit Three

Orbit Four

Orbit Five

System Civilian Facilities

  • Mining Colony [Under Construction] (Rastine)
  • Geological Research Center (Obeia)