Anton "Ups" Nels

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Major General, Former Intrepid Battle Group CO.

Anton Nels
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.83 metres (6")
Weight 93 kilograms (205lb)
Hair color Dark brown
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Dark, complex scar over right eye, a calm but friendly face.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Nels Family Shipping
Ranks Major General
Titles Assistant Internet Officer, RID Executive Officer

Fictional Background

Anton is the last known surviving members of the Nels family,a prominent family who ran a shipping industry a few clicks from coruscant, always a fast learner Anton learned how to pilot his family's YT-200 at the age of 11,later on at 16 he would be the flight leader for his family companies security forces.Under the the banner of Zetzan squadron,The Nels family shipping operations remained safely guarded from pirates,and other hostile forces.

Rebellion Background

Sorties Flown


  • Long standing rivalry with Longstanding IBG Ace Richo.
  • Is best friends with Himm El-Syna , and James Davidson.
  • Is one of the few IBG pilots to earn a platinum wing.
  • One of the few pilots crazy enough to use a b-wing in all occasions.

Current Squadron

Anton is currently serving as a member of Gold Squadron and has the call sign of Gold 8. Anton is also known for getting Gold up and running especially if the Viagra is not kicking in fast enough. Below is the Sacred Holy Emblem of Gold Squadron

Gold Patch.png

Gold squadron has many sayings but these are the offical top 3

  • Goldie4EVER {Est. 1997}
  • "We're old, we smell funny, and we pop Viagra like its nobody's business... but we still kick all y'all's ass!"

Personal Craft

Anton flies a highly modified Bwing starfighter known as Ol'Reliable