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CR90 Corvette
Production information
Class CEC CR90 Corvette
Technical specifications
Length 150 meters
Width 48.6 meters
Height/depth 32.6 meters
Maximum acceleration 2,100 G
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 950 km/h
Engine unit(s) Girodyne Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines (11, in trireme configuration)
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Hyperdrive system CEC subspace hyperdrive
Power plant Mason-Branger 7085 ionization reactor and regulator
Shielding Phoah-Kingsmeyer 484-J4e (400 SBD)
Hull Ferro-magnesium ceramic (192 RU)
Sensor systems Pax Hustana variable array sensor units (2)
Navigation system Corellian Chain Management NavCom Unit (26640 limited non-AI processing)
  • Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolasers (2 turrets: 1 dorsal, 1 ventral)
  • Taim & Bak H9 single turbolasers on escape pods (4 dorsal turrets: 2 port, 2 starboard)
  • Complement
  • Faberstien-Lago 37s emergency escape pods (8, ventral)
  • Armed Faberstien Maximum Capacity Life ships (4, dorsal)
  • Crew 30-165, depending on configuration
    Passengers Up to 600, depending on configuration
    Cargo capacity Up to 3,000 metric tons, depending on configuration
    Consumables 1 year
  • Corvette
  • Light Escort
  • Transport
  • Earliest sighting IBG 104
    Present for battles/events
  • IBG 104
  • IBG 105
  • RgF 110
  • IBG 106
  • IBG 107
  • RgF 111b
  • IBG 108
  • RgF 308
  • Affiliation New Republic

    The Apollo was a Republic Shield CEC CR90 Corvette that served as the escort of the Redemption in the Subterrel Strike Force before being destroyed on 44:3:21 .


    Arrived to reinforce the fleet build-up preparing to assault the Tarla Minor Shipyards. Arrived at the build-up just after the fleet fought off Imperially-funded pirate attack by mercenary forces led by the Frigate Xenesis. (IBG104)

    Present at the build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) on the edge of a green dust nebula (#66) during a Republic Shield undercover information-retrieval mission by the assault transport Lambda. (IBG105)

    Rendezvoused at a neutral fuel and supply depot in Imperial space. Left Republic Shield forces behind while the vessel entered hyperspace, to destroy any Imperial scouts attempting to follow the fleet. (RgF110)

    Part of the Tarla Strike Force assault against the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Tyrannic and its supporting fleet at an Imperial construction facility near a blue and brown planet (#26) orbiting a white star (#91) on the edge of a blue nebula (#68), led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist. Part of task force that directly engaged the Star Destroyer Collaborator and the Victory Star Destroyer Supernova. In the aftermath of the battle, relocated to the rendezvous point near a blue and black gas planet (#34). (IBG106)

    Present at the fleet build-up near a cloudy planet (#9) during a Republic Shield recovery mission of a supply convoy, which was in the process of being captured by Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Sustainer before the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist’s forces disabled and captured the Star Destroyer, and rescued the convoy. (IBG107)

    Part of Republic Shield and T’Seran Resistance task force led by the Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra in the liberation of the T'Seran system from Imperial occupation. Stumbled upon Imperial patrol, and left the Frigate Unforgiven to deal with the patrol force whilst the rest of the task force headed further in-system to begin the battle with the Imperial defenders. (RgF111b)

    Present at the fleet build-up near a blue and brown planet (#46) and a blue nebula (#68) during Republic Shield assault on the Jardal pirate base. (IBG108)

    Transported a repair crew to tend to the Imperial Strike Cruiser Apostate, which had become disabled by Imperial forces led by the Frigate Daveen II whilst attempting to defect to Republic Shield forces. The vessel docked with the Apostate, and set about the task of getting the Strike Cruiser’s systems operational. Republic Shield forces defended the repair operation until its completion. The Apostate then continued on its run to the hyperspace point; however the Escort Carrier Nebula reinforced the Imperial attack force, and led Imperial forces in an attempt to destroy the ship. Republic Shield reinforcements arrived in the form of the Calamari Cruiser Stingray, which proved an effective counter to the Nebula. Both the Frigate Daveen II and the Escort Carrier Nebula were defeated in the engagement. The Strike Cruiser finally reached its exit vector, and made the jump to hyperspace safely, while Republic Shield forces covered its exit from the area. (RgF308)


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