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Strike-class medium cruiser.jpg
Production information
Class LDI Strike-class medium cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 450 meters
Height/depth 90 meters
Maximum speed (space) 18 mglt
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 12
  • Shielding 2,560 SBD
    Hull 1,520 RU
  • Turbolaser cannons (20)
  • Turbolaser batteries (10)
  • Ion cannons (10)
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)
  • Complement Depends on configuration
  • Crew (2,112)
    • General Crew (1,972)
    • Gunners (140)
  • Minimum crew 800
    Passengers 2,040 troops
    Cargo capacity 6,000 metric tons
    Consumables 1.5 years
  • Frigate
  • Carrier
  • Earliest sighting RgF 308
    Present for battles/events
  • RgF 308
  • RgF 309
  • RgF 310
  • RgF 312
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known commander(s) Captain Constantius Julian

    The Apostate is a Republic Shield LDI Strike-class medium cruiser that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.

    It was originally an Imperial vessel, part of the Star Destroyer Deathbringer’s task force.


    Attempted to defect to Republic Shield forces, but was pursued by an Imperial task force intending to reclaim the vessel, led by the Frigate Daveen II. The transport Sigma arrived before Republic Shield forces could arrive to defend the vessel, and the Sigma deployed a field of ion cannon-equipped mines. Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught End of Days arrived to defend the vessel from the pursuing reclamation force, in an attempt to assist the vessel in escaping to defended Republic Shield space. Despite the assistance of Republic Shield forces, the Frigate Daveen II arrived and directly engaged the vessel and disabled it. A boarding party onboard the escort shuttle Omega attempted to board and capture the vessel, however Republic Shield forces destroyed the capture ship before the operation could be executed. The corvette Apollo arrived with a repair crew, and set about repairing the vessel to continue its flight. Republic Shield forces defended the repair operation until its completion. The vessel then continued on its run to the hyperspace point; however the Escort Carrier Nebula reinforced the Imperial attack force and led Imperial forces in an attempt to destroy the vessel. Republic Shield reinforcements arrived in the form of the Calamari Cruiser Stingray, which proved an effective counter to the Nebula. Both the Frigate Daveen II and the Escort Carrier Nebula were defeated in the engagement. The vessel finally reached its exit vector, and made the jump to hyperspace safely, while Republic Shield forces covered its exit from the area. (RgF308)

    Arrived at a meeting place, where negotiations between defecting forces aboard the vessel were to take place with a Republic Shield representative aboard the Interdictor Raging Dragon. Arrived to discover another Strike Cruiser posing as the Apostate, and alerted Republic Shield forces to the deception, as the interloping craft was in fact the Strike Cruiser Dimoran, broadcasting a fake transponder signal. Joined with Republic Shield forces in attacking the Dimoran, destroying the vessel and securing the area enough for the vessel to begin docking operations with the Raging Dragon, while the Dreadnaught End of Days guarded the area. Docked with the Raging Dragon, and commenced negotiations with Republic Shield Commanding Officer General Sconn. Imperial reinforcements led by the Frigate Pestilence and backed by the Strike Cruiser Banton arrived to continue the Imperial attack on the meeting craft, targeting the vessel and the Raging Dragon. The Dreadnaught End of Days led defence forces against the Imperial interlopers, successfully protecting the vessel until the meeting was concluded, and led Republic Shield forces in the destruction of the Imperial vessels while the Raging Dragon and the vessel escaped into hyperspace. (RgF309)

    The Strike cruiser Apostate in combat during the Battle of Blerthmore.

    Part of interdiction operation led by the Interdictor Raging Dragon against an Imperial task force led by the Strike Cruiser Valorum I which was attempting to reinforce Chasm base. The Raging Dragon engaged its interdiction field and brought the Imperial forces out of hyperspace prematurely near an asteroid field, keeping the Imperial task force secured in the combat zone while the vessel led defecting Imperial and Republic Shield forces against the Valorum I’s task force. The Frigate Ascension flanked the task force from the other side. The entire Imperial force was neutralised. (RgF310)

    Reinforced the Interdictor Raging Dragon, which had trapped the Star Destroyer Deathbringer in its interdiction field as the Star Destroyer made its escape from the Star Destroyer Wyvern’s assault on Chasm base. Imperial and Republic Shield forces were pounding the Raging Dragon and the Deathbringer, respectively, when the vessel arrived. The arrival effectively countered the presence of Imperial reinforcements led by the Dreadnaught Serpentine. Took up a flanking position on one side of Serpentine while the Frigate Horizon moved to pin the Dreadnaught down on the opposite flank. The Serpentine was overwhelmed by the Horizon and the vessel, while Republic Shield forces pounded the Star Destroyer Deathbringer into submission before overwhelming and destroying it. (RgF312)

    The vessel participated in the Battle of Blerthmore of 44:2:27, and later became part of the small group of ships in the Greeop Defence Force left behind in the Greeop Sector to hold RS territories together while the Subterrel Strike Force waged war abroad.

    On 44:4:1, the Apostate successfully completed a crucial escort mission, bringing in a much needed supply convoy all the way from the Minos Cluster to the Greeop system. It was assisted in this escort mission by Grey Squadron, under the charge of former-FC Castor Efrata-Landis.

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