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Biographical information
Homeworld Unknown
Date of birth 22:5:15 (28 years old)
Family Unknown
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.727 metres
Weight 64 kilograms
Hair color Black, shoulder length
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Pale complexion, subdued appearance.
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Sentinel Company
Ranks Private
Titles Doctor of Medicine

Task Force Republic Shield Intelligence Biographical Report RS-82635-FA

Subject: Aslinn

Aslinn was born to unknown parents on an unknown star system. Attempts to ascertain family background information have been rebuffed by the Allegiance Battle Group Intelligence Officer on the grounds that it is 'sensitive material'. Due to the shortage of trained medics, and the fact that her remaining background information and credentials check out completely, RS intelligence is not going to push the matter. After graduating from the medical program at Tarsonis University with exceptional marks, she immediately enlisted at an Allegiance Battle Group recruiting station on Eden. She was accepted immediately, and put through an accelerated training regimen, and was quickly transferred to Sentinel Company, as Fifth Platoon's previous medic had been lost in combat shortly before her recruitment. She has been assigned to Fifth Platoon's Besh Squadron, under Sergeant Tychus. Her medical record since arriving at Fifth Platoon's facilities has been impeccable, and though she has not overly distinguished herself by saving anyone who wasn't expected to die, she has performed at or slightly above expectations.

Sentinel Training Day

During Aurek and Besh fire team trials under Sergeant Tychus, Aslinn performed adequately, neither exceeding or falling short of expectations. As the Squadron Medic, she will likely be assigned to either fire team. She has not been chosen for a fire team leadership position, and it is highly doubtful that she will be offered one in the near future. Sentinel Company tends to keep their medics separate from leadership roles in order to maintain their professional bias. Sergeant Tychus has made notes that she seems to be attempting to acclimate herself to the group quickly and emphasize her niche as the group's attached medical professional. It is expected that she will attempt to 'make friends' with everyone in the two fire teams in order to both improve the care she is giving, and improve her chances of being protected in battle. Sergeant Tychus believes that she does legitimately wish to serve the Company, but has an individual motivation to protect her own skin. He sees no issue with this as long as it does not adversely affect her performance.

A New Dawn

During fire team Aurek's first deployment, Aslinn has been tasked with being the medical attache for what should be a simple humanitarian and guard mission. It is expected that there will be no difficulties in Sentinel's first deployment, and this is being used as an opportunity to get the company's 'feet wet' with a relatively calm mission. Increased pirate activity is being monitored throughout the local sector, though this is not expected to affect Sentinel's mission.

More information will be added as it is made available.

End Biographical Report.