Aurora Nebula

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A younger nebula and star cluster just 260 parsecs galactic-west of the Greeop Nebula, the Aurora Nebula is a denser cluster of gas and young stars, with new stars still being birthed. The nebula runs along the entire Aurora Sector-Greeop Sector border, some 250 parsecs long and roughly 10 parsecs wide, with a star cluster forming in the very center. The star cluster itself is 4 parsecs across and contains some 1100 stars, with more still surrounding the cluster inside the nebula. The beula is also home to some tricky stellar bodies, such as neutron stars and small black holes left over from large supernovas of past stars. The entire region is rich with the requisite materials for creation of habitable planets, and there could possibly be further development of life in the nebula over the next billion year

The Aurora Nebula is contained mostly (roughly 2/3) inside the Aurora Sector, while the rest lies in the Greeop Sector. Hyperspace travel through the nebula is almost impossible, however, for the vast majority of the galaxy's denizens due to the weird gravitational anomalies present in the gas cloud. However, a single stable route has been mapped through the cloud, the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard. The Nitram Lutha is a major regional trade route and allows direct access to the Greeop Sector worlds from the Imperial-occupied Aurora Sector.

The Aurora system is positioned on the galactic-west fringe of the nebula.