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Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Greeop system
Suns 2: Greeop Prime, Trimore
Moons None
Orbital Distance 0.5 AUs
Diameter 16,000km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere None
Gravity Light (0.55 Standard)
Surface water None
Climate None
Primary terrain Mountainous, Cratered, ancient massive lava flows
Length of Day 1876 Standard Hours
Length of Year 2.1 Local Days
Population 650,000
Native species None
Immigrated species Humans, others
Official language Basic
Government New Republic, construction guilds
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Metal ores, assorted minerals
Import Foodstuff, mining technology

Avalon is a barren terrestrial planet with no atmosphere and a heavily cratered terrain with massive lava flows. The planet's almost non-existent rotation causes world to have daytime that lasts about half its year.


This planet has become very important to the New Republic in being one of its major suppliers of irons, platinum, titanium, and various common and precious minerals used for all genres of New Republic technologies. Many important construction guilds have set up operations on the planet despite its harsh lava conditions in hopes of winning contracts for exporting the ores to the New Republic. The planet's own almost non-existent rotation causes half the world to be in a day stage for half the year, while the other half the planet experiences night for half the year.


The Republic Shield maintains a presence on a platform base that orbits the planet to guard this mineral jewel from frequent pirate raids and Imperial aggression.

Primary Military Facilities

  • BASE Patriot

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Avalon Mining Facility
  • Rockcore Mining Structure
  • Vortex Ore Complex
  • Avalon Refinery
  • Ralma Refinery and Mineral Processing

Behind the scenes

This planet used to be known as Detra until it was renamed in a planetary database revision to the current name of Avalon.


Encyclopædia Terrestricana

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